Executive Board meeting notes - February 13, 2017

Present:Shelia L. Friedman, Lynne Kilroy, Shayshana Gourdine, Susana C. Martín, Advisory Council: Caroline Tornaben, Tatum Boothe, Matthew Viera

The next meeting: March 13th. Minutes for the January 23rd meeting were reviewed.


  1. The Executive Board members discussed the February 2nd Teachers Assigned Meet and Greet. The turn-out of Teachers Assigned at the Meet and Greet was over forty-five.
  2. The February 9th, 2017 snow-day school closing was discussed.
  3. Possible topics for the mid-year newsletter were discussed. The mid-year newsletter would go out in April before the break. Some of the topics suggested for inclusion in the newsletter were: Cope, Community Activism, political climate, Teacher Certification, Open Market, Sabbatical workshops and ‘Not happy with your job: One year to go back’. A section for important dates to remember may include: Lobby Day, the Constitutional Convention and the Spring Educational Conference. It was suggested to the Advisory Council members to familiarize themselves with the old newsletters. Susana will send out copies to Advisory Council.
  4. Several Advisory Council members mentioned they have been sharing what they have learned and will share the information they received during this meeting with members of their groups.
  5. Lynne suggested that instead of sending out a blast to update the Chapter members, a new section of the Teachers Assigned website could be used to post updates on current topics to the members.
  6. A new section in the T.A. Newsletter could be titled:‘Did Ya Know?’. This section might include information on MAP, DAT, Brave, Health Issues and a reminder of the ‘care-taker’ article in the February issue of New York Teacher.
  7. Refreshments were served and discussions on matters of interest to T.A. groups continued informally.

Respectfully submitted by
Susana C. Martín

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