Executive Board meeting notes - March 13, 2017

Present: Shelia L. Friedman, Lynne Kilroy, Ebony Martin, Susana C. Martín,
Advisory Council: Dana Falciglia, Matthew Viera

The next meeting: April 24th. The February 13th meeting minutes, were reviewed.


  1. The up-coming March 14th, snow-day, possible school closing was discussed.
  2. The T.A. webpage might include a permanent section on extreme weather procedures to follow.
  3. Shelia read her proposed opening statement for the upcoming Newsletter. The group discussed several topics to be included in the April Newsletter: Job postings, Union dues, Open Market date, UFT Spring Conference.
  4. LeRoy Barr asked the functional Chapter leaders how they outreach to their members. The group discussed the issue and agreed that the T. A. chapter sends out periodic newsletters with pertinent information for the chapter and at least one physical Chapter Newsletter a year by regular post. In addition, Shelia is available for calls. Emails sent by members are answered by Shelia or Susana. The chapter also maintains a website.

Handouts: Agenda for March 13th Executive Board Meeting, Minutes for February 13th, Mid-Year Newsletter Topics.

Respectfully submitted by
Susana Martín

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