Second time’s a charm

Regarding the July 5 Research Shows column “Students gain from having same teacher twice,” I have done it twice — one time for three years (an awesome experience) and the last time for two years. It is easier for all involved — students, parents, paras and teachers.

Angela Panopoulos, PS 34, Brooklyn (via Facebook)

* * *

I did this with my Spanish transitional bilingual kindergarten class. I was able to focus on helping all students become stronger readers and writers in their native language — Spanish. Then, they were able to transfer these skills in English and became very successful in many academic areas in 1st grade. It can work!

Paydro Lucero, PS 169, Brooklyn (via Facebook)

* * *

I did it with my K/1 bridge 12:1:1 class, and my little guys did so well in all areas. It was really wonderful.

Christine Visciano, PS 4, Staten Island (via Facebook)

* * *

I taught the same kids for 6th-, 7th- and 8th-grade ELA. It was amazing, and I loved the experience. It really validated my purpose as a teacher and made me excited to go to work every day. I love all of my students, but I’ll always have an extra special place in my heart for that group. 

Beth Dacquisto, IS 318, Brooklyn (via Facebook)

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