Sticking with the union

I was a chapter leader for 24 years in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and the UFT was the mainstay of our survival. When I retired in 2004, I claimed the time I taught “P” courses toward my pension allowance. That time was denied and I called the UFT. I was assured it was being dealt with. 

Fast forward to May 2018. I received a letter stating that the “P” court case had been resolved and that I was owed more than $80,000 in back pension and that my pension checks would now reflect the new amount, which is an additional $450 per month. What a windfall — thank you, UFT.

I hope the young members read this letter and realize that a strong union is what keeps us strong. “In unity there is strength” is a cry that needs to be heard more than ever!

Tony Mosca, retired

* * *

In light of the Janus decision by the Supreme Court, it is imperative that New York City public school teachers continue to support the UFT. As a teacher, I came to increasingly appreciate the contractual provisions that accounted for increased wages and benefits, and I was especially appreciative when, as the chapter leader, the UFT provided me with legal representation to successfully fight my removal by a vengeful principal. 

I am currently enjoying a secure retirement, and my spouse and I are receiving costly life-saving medications through our UFT insurance. I will always be grateful to the UFT for everything it has done for me, and I urge my fellow teachers to stick with the union. When it matters, the union will always be there for you.

Michael McPherrin, retired

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