Stop punishing teachers for having children

It’s about time we receive paid parental leave. After I had three kids and had to use all of my sick days, I saw serious cuts in my summer pay for not working all of the 10 months although I only took the time allowed for my C-sections. I also got pushed back on my salary increases so I am making much less than the years I have served. It is not just being unpaid; they are seriously punishing teachers for having kids, and it is completely unfair.

Tara Siringo, PS 9, Brooklyn
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* * *

If Luisa Ayala, the teacher cited in your article [“The fight for paid parental leave,” Dec. 7], had worked for JP Morgan Chase or AIG or many of the companies that caused the 2008 meltdown, she would have received a minimum of three months paid leave. It’s time for the city to do the same for teachers.

John Giambalvo, Information Technology HS, Queens
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It’s not right that teachers have to earn time in their Cumulative Absence Reserve (CAR) in order to get paid maternity leave. As someone who often covers maternity leaves, I have heard multiple stories of how women who have a second child are in tears because they used up their CAR from their first pregnancy and do not have a way to support themselves financially while on leave. This is a basic women’s rights issue.

Mary Frank, JHS 292, Brooklyn
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