Taking action for Puerto Rico

I am proud to share the social action project that was spearheaded by the members of my leadership class. Hillcrest HS is a large high school in Queens with eight small learning communities. We are part of the Global Citizens community, composed of a student population from more than 40 countries around the world.

After reading the Action Alert “Donate to Operation Agua to aid Puerto Rico” [Dec. 7], I was deeply affected by the fact that victims of Hurricane Maria did not have access to safe drinking water. The next day I read the article to my class and we collectively decided to raise money for water filters. Within one month, we raised $1,080 for 36 individual water filters.

I am so proud of my leadership group for taking action so quickly to collect the money for an urgent cause.

Sally Mussafi, Global Citizens SLC
at Hillcrest HS, Queens

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