Computer & Technology Committee

The Computer & Technology Committee is dedicated to providing educators with opportunities to advance scholarship in key domains of the computing sciences. The committee also seeks to engage in professional activities that encourage innovative thinking; promote mutual respect and diversity; and engender life-long learning.

As Computer & Technology teaching professionals, the committee is dedicated to promoting:

  • integration of technology in the classroom;
  • hands-on multimedia and internet workshops;
  • grant-winning projects;
  • innovative teaching approaches;
  • use of computer and smartboards across the curriculum;
  • use of technology in special education;
  • strategies for teachers new to computers;
  • assessment strategies; and
  • the use of computers and smartboards in conjunction with manipulatives.
In the News
  • At Brooklyn Studio Secondary School, Career and Technical Education Coordinator Karen Mason and her advanced web-design students aren’t just dreaming...
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All UFT members are eligible to join. Non-UFT personnel, including university employees and union members affiliated with the New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, NYSUT, or AFT, may serve as associate members.

Photo Gallery
Class technician Emily (center) explains the 3D computer to the new tech team in
Learning in 3D

Learning in a 4th-grade class and an 8th-grade math class in two Bensonhurst schools has been transformed by 3D computers.

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