Green Schools Committee

The UFT Green Schools Committee comprises K-12 New York City public school educators. The mission of our committee is to help design and support best management practices for greening NYC's public schools. We believe schools must take the lead in reducing our city's ecological footprint and provide our children — our future leaders — with an environmental education and exemplary environmental programs.

Our committee primarily works to organize educators and students around — and inform them about — issues of environmental sustainability. To that end, we strive to

  • develop an educational philosophy that promotes ecological literacy in our public schools;
  • connect students to their local ecosystem;
  • share resources such as lesson plans and ideas for environmental programs and field trips;
  • support environmental practices like school-wide recycling and the use of alternatives to foam trays;
  • hold networking and planning meetings at which we explore related topics and learn from guest speakers;
  • advocate for educators working to green their schools and the DOE and UFT buildings; and
  • conduct surveys to find out what our environmental needs are and how we can address them in a sustainable way.

Join us in promoting the sustainable health of our natural world and human environment — starting with our NYC public schools! We look forward to meeting you at our next meeting.

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All UFT members are eligible to join. Non-UFT personnel, including university employees and union members affiliated with the New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, NYSUT, or AFT, may serve as associate members.

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Seeds of learning

Across the city, children are learning about the mysteries that are unlocked when a tiny seed is planted in the spring and grows into the food they eat at harvest time or blossoms into a rainbow of flowers. It’s Jack and the Beanstalk come true.

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