Help the UFT buy winter clothing for homeless students

Help the UFT buy winter clothing for homeless students - 2015-86-5799

Support the UFT’s annual winter clothing drive for homeless students by making a donation!

The UFT’s Middle School Division, in collaboration for the Coalition for the Homeless, is hosting its fifth annual Thanksgiving luncheon on Saturday, Nov. 17 for students who live in shelters and temporary housing. We’ll be distributing coats, hats and other cold-weather apparel to children who don’t have proper winter garments. You can help by purchasing NEW winter clothing to donate or by making a monetary donation. We’ll use your monetary donation to purchase new coats, gloves, hats, scarves and other winter accessories. By buying in large quantities, we’ll be able to take advantage of lower wholesale prices so that we can buy even more and help more children in need.

With your support and generosity, we can make sure that every child who attends our special luncheon receives a brand-new coat for the winter.

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