Everyone loves Dial-A-Teacher

There is rarely unanimous agreement among administrators, educators and parents about anything, especially over what works for kids.

But there is one standout exception: Dial-A-Teacher. The union’s homework help program has been an undisputed success for all of the 30 years of its existence.

Forty-seven teachers are now providing after-school homework help in every curriculum area. They do it in 11 languages four days every week for thousands of kids in grades kindergarten through 12 and their parents.

“Customer satisfaction” is sky-high, which is why the program has expanded exponentially. It now features the latest pedagogical technology, including whiteboards and supercomputers, which have

modernized the logistics of learning and made it more fun.

Dial-A-Teacher blazed the trail for similar programs across the country. The union is very proud of the program because it represents our faith and investment in kids and our commitment to fostering close community ties.

But despite the popularity of Dial-A-Teacher, there are still many students, parents and even educators who are unaware of this magnificent asset. That’s why the union is trying to spread the word every chance it gets. Parent-teacher conferences are fast approaching, and we strongly urge educators to point kids and parents in our direction. We are dedicated to serving them because that is who we are and why we are here.

Some words have lost their luster because of overuse or misuse. However, one such word certainly applies to Dial-A-Teacher:


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