What do I do if I get injured at school?

You must notify your principal and submit a Comprehensive Injury Report within 24 hours of any accident or injury on school grounds or while on school business. The only exception is if you are unable to do so because of your injury or other reasonable grounds. If you can’t do it yourself, ask your UFT chapter leader or another designee to report your injury.  If you have been assaulted or injured as the result of a safety incident, also notify the UFT Health and Safety Department by filing an online Safety/Discipline Report. Make sure to contact your school to inform them of specific dates that you will be absent due to ILOD.

Leaves for line-of-duty injuries must now be requested via the Department of Education's Self-Service Online Leave of Absence System (SOLAS). SOLAS replaces the old forms, OP 198 and OP 407. You can view more information on SOLAS and how to use it here. You should request line-of-duty-injury status (LODI) from the day of your first absence to the date that your doctor says you can return to work.

For a thorough description of the steps to take and forms to complete, visit the Injury in the Line of Duty section of the UFT website.

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