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You may take off the day of death and up to three calendar days immediately following the death of an immediate family member and up to one day for the death of a relative outside the immediate family or household. Form OP 201 is required.

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Yes. Measles, mumps and chicken pox are childhood diseases that are not deductible from your sick time. Ask your school secretary or UFT chapter leader for an OP 198 application to submit to your principal. Your principal may also excuse additional non-attendance days other than for illness. You must submit an OP 201 application. Most of the permissible non-attendance days are listed on the back of that...

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Personal days are to be used for business that can be conducted only during the school day on school time. All three of your personal business days may be used to care for a sick family member. Reasonable notice must be given for personal business that is scheduled in advance, such as the closing on a house. However, if you are out to take care of a suddenly ill child, advance notice is not ordinarily required.

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Teachers have up to 10 self-treated days per school year without a doctor’s note for absences due to illness. Three out of the 10 may be used for personal business.

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SETSS isn’t a class. It is a support service that may be provided to students with disabilities in the general ed classroom or elsewhere for at least three hours a week and it can include consultation with the child’s teacher. There may not be more than eight students in an instructional group receiving SETSS.

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