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Teacher center opens at P396K @ PS 532

District 75 support

Paraprofessional Roslyn William (background) helps students prepare for their peErica BergerParaprofessional Roslyn William (background) helps students prepare for their performance. With exuberant students singing “We Are Family” and dancing to music from “The Lion King,” the UFT Teacher Center at P396K @ PS 532 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, officially opened on April 9. The center, created with help from state funds received through UFT lobbying efforts, will serve four District 75 locations with more than 400 K–8 students. “I am excited to be able to provide professional development to teachers and paraprofessionals at all four sites,” said site specialist Shameeka Hill. “I am a resource.” She looks forward to presenting information about state learning standards for English language arts and math. Teacher Erika Ingram D’Anjou is enthusiastic about what the UFT Teacher Center already has provided. “We have gotten hands-on material that will help us reach all our kids, who have various ways of learning,” she said. “Teachers at our school work from different materials to build and write curriculum. What we develop will make learning fun and make it stick.”

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