Highlights from the DeVos confirmation hearing

Betsy DeVos' confirmation hearing before the Senate on Jan. 17 demonstrated clearly why she is unfit to be the U.S. Education Secretary. Betsy DeVos uses money to buy influence

Watch the most revealing moments from the hearing below.

Guns in schools
Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) asked DeVos whether guns belong in schools. DeVos declined to agree that guns have no place in schools, citing schools in Wyoming that could use guns to "protect from potential grizzlies."

Proficiency vs. growth
In the course of his questions, Senator Al Franken (D-MN) was perturbed to discover that DeVos is not familiar with the education debate around proficiency vs. growth measures.

Financial ties
Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) questioned DeVos about using her wealth to buy influence, asking point-blank, "Would you be here if you weren't a multi-billionaire?"

Student loan oversight
Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) questioned DeVos about her lack of experiencing managing student loan programs.

School accountability
Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) asked DeVos whether she supports equal accountability for all schools that receive taxpayer funding. DeVos' answer was no.

6 head-scratching moments from the hearing
The Washington Post summarizes six astonishing moments from the hearing.

View the complete hearing »

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