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    Salary increase May 1 All teachers and other pedagogues including paraprofessionals on the Q Bank payroll will receive a 4.5 percent increase in their May 15 paycheck. Read more

  • Image of 1040 Tax return

    Deductible dues Private- and public-sector union members may deduct the cost of their union dues from their New York State taxes. Read more

  • Art teacher Ashley Bartlett guided students through portraiture lessons so they

    Portraits of activism Lessons in writing, art and social studies have come together in a published book of 25 interviews and portraits of social activists in New York City at the Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School in Forest Hills. Read more

  • 5K run - carousel

    Run for a cause There's still time to register for the UFT's 5K run/walk on Saturday, May 6 at Coney Island! Proceeds will go to benefit the UFT Disaster Relief Fund. See the event listing

Action Alerts!

Public School Proud - Action Alert version 2

Spotlight on
Public School Proud
We want to showcase the great things that are happening in our public schools every day, honor our students’ accomplishments and illustrate the joys of teaching and learning.
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