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Recommended by District 75 teacher Kristen Mulia at IS 24, Staten Island

Brainpop.comVisit BrainPOP >> is awesome. It’s very interactive and great for auditory processing, among other things. Just click on the subject you want from all the choices and there’s a little robot guy who’s the main character that the children absolutely love. He tells a story, then kids have to answer questions about it. You can use it for one student or groups. Groups are definitely fun because students can ask each other questions about the story. There are senior and junior versions for different comprehension levels. You have to set up a school password to enter the site. We use it a lot!”

edHelper.comVisit edHelper >>
 is great for worksheets pertaining to language that’s related to all seasonal activities, including holidays. I used it for our spring planting. After we planted the tomatoes from seed, I used the worksheets to reinforce adjectives and to identify all the parts of a plant. You need a subscription to access some of the site, but there’s a lot you can do without one. I use it for my 6th- to 8th-grade inclusion kids and they really respond to it.”

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