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Because you are a member of the UFT, you receive regular pay increases negotiated in each UFT–Department of Education contract as well as differentials, step payments and longevity increases based on your level of education and your years of service. The UFT–DOE contract for your title contains a salary schedule that calculates the new salaries when each negotiated pay increase takes effect.

Thanks to the most recent contract, UFT members will receive a 5 percent raise in 2018: a 2 percent rate increase effective May 1 and an additional 3 percent rate increase effective June 16. The contract also provides for lump-sum payments negotiated in that same contract so members can recoup the money owed by the city because UFT members did not receive raises in 2009 and 2010. Members will receive their next lump-sum payments in 2018, 2019 and 2020, each representing 25 percent of the money accrued. Members have already received the first two lump-sum payments, each for 12.5 percent of the money accrued. For more information, check out the handy chart.

View the salary schedules listed for the various job titles covered by the 2014 contract (which runs from 2009 to 2018). Call a salary representative in your UFT borough office if you need help interpreting the schedule.

The UFT contract provides for more money as you spend more time on the job (in what are called longevities and steps) and allows you to earn more money as you attain more education credits (in what are called differentials). You may also be able to get salary credit for teaching experience elsewhere or other relevant experience. These contractual provisions can translate to thousands of dollars more each year in your paycheck.

It’s worth checking the salary schedule, particularly if you are a new teacher, to make sure you have been given credit for all the educational credits you’ve earned and all the experience you have. You must apply for a salary differential or outside work experience within six months of completing the coursework or receiving your appointment to later receive a lump-sum payment that reflects that increase.

Longevities (payments tied to years of service) come after a pedagogue has taught in New York City public schools for five, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20 and 22 years.

You can accumulate the credits you need to qualify for salary differentials by, among other ways, taking courses through UFT Course Programs. To find out about the current course offerings and register for courses online, you can check the course catalog inserted into this issue or register online. You can also call the UFT Teacher Center at 212-475-3737.

Teachers, other pedagogues and paraprofessionals are paid semimonthly, on or about the 1st and the 16th of each month.

Nurses, therapists, education analysts and other H-bank titles are paid biweekly and receive 26 checks annually. Members in H-bank titles can verify that they are getting the right amount in each paycheck by looking for the “recurring gross” on their paycheck, dividing that number by 14 and then multiplying by 365 to get the gross annual salary, including the experience differential. That amount does not include longevities or education differentials if applicable, which must be calculated separately, using the same formula.

If you have any questions about your salary or believe you are being paid incorrectly, talk to your payroll secretary and then check with a salary representative in your UFT borough office. If necessary, a salary grievance will be filed on your behalf.

On the last day of school, teachers and other Q-bank titles receive five checks or five check stubs for direct deposit: one for the end of June, two for July and two for August.

Throughout the school year, teachers and other titles can also apply for per-session activities that occur either before school, after school, on weekends or holidays, or during the summer. If you are a teacher who applies for and is accepted for such an activity, you are paid at the hourly rate of $47.73, which will increase to $48.67 effective May 1, 2018. Rates for other titles (as listed in the contract) can be found on the UFT website.

See more information about salary differentials, salary steps, longevity increases and per-session work.

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