Hit enemies in their wallets

To the Editor:

On Jan. 26, Joe Scarborough, when talking to former governor and presidential candidate Howard Dean, viciously attacked the United Federation of Teachers. He promoted the tired argument that we promote weak teachers and we are against school reform. He attacked our regular schools and our charter schools. Scarborough wants teachers to be fired on the spot and he is against tenure.

Joe Scarborough, even though he does not know that Harlem is not in the Bronx, has every right to promote his dumbness. People can be as stupid as they wish. We, as members of the United Federation of Teachers, do not have to financially support his vicious attacks on us.

Joe Scarborough is financially supported by Starbucks Coffee. We, some 200,000 strong, do not have to purchase Starbucks coffee or any of their products. We would do better by purchasing our coffee and cakes from the local stores that exist in the communities in which we teach, or where we are retired.

Millions of unionists have to become more boycott conscious. We work — and have worked — hard for our dollars. We should not spend them with people or businesses that hate us. To do so is to help our enemies destroy us.

It is time for all the members of the UFT to boycott Starbucks and Joe Scarborough. We have the “power of the purse.” Let us use it.

Louis A. DeFreitas Sr., retired

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