Letters to the editor

To the New York Post, Feb. 21, 2009

Is The Post so virulently anti-union that it views any attempt by teachers to have a say in the running of their schools as a threat to academic quality (“Can Excellence Survive the UFT?” Feb. 14)?

The educators at the KIPP AMP School have created a great school, and they sought a union to keep it that way and, indeed, make it better.

Rather than encouraging poor work habits, as you baselessly claim, a union contract would actually encourage greater collaboration among staff and promote risk-taking because educators will know that their innovative ideas for academic improvement will be considered and that they will be treated fairly.

Your views, without the slightest regard for the facts, just show your anti-teacher bias.

Obviously, The Post would prefer the days when educators had no dignity or respect in the workplace and principals behaved like dictators who hired and fired people depending upon how well they kept their mouths shut.

But that is what the fight at KIPP is about — not a specific contract but the right of teachers to have a voice in their profession to better educate kids.

Randi Weingarten
President, United Federation of Teachers

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