Letters to the editor

To the New York Post, June 8, 2009

The Post's zeal to attack the United Federation of Teachers at every turn apparently resulted in your use of old math-test scores in comparing how our charter school compares with others in New York City ("Lesson of a UFT School," Editorial, May 29).

You claim to cite math scores for this year, but this year's results were not released by the state Education Department until June 1.

The most recent facts show that students at our charter school did very well, with our kids scoring higher at the top two levels (Levels Three and Four) and usually by double-digit percentages, except in the 6th grade, where the scores were essentially the same.

So we're definitely going in the right direction.

The Post should do its readers a favor by working as hard to get its facts straight as it does trying to find fault with dedicated teachers.

Randi Weingarten, President
United Federation of Teachers

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