Queens Transition Center staffers back principal

To the Editor:

This is in response to the letter headlined “Site closing frustrates teacher” that appeared in your Jan. 11 issue:

The teachers and staff at Queens Transition Center want to express our appreciation to our principal, Dr. Ilisa Sulner, for her commitment to our students, our mission and our school.

Within the short time of her tenure, she has truly transformed our school. Today, our students are acquiring the academic, vocational and functional skills they need to lead productive lives.

Our vocational classes and work-study programs offer experiential and focused learning that provide students with opportunities for success in employment.

The expansion of our school’s technology program has enhanced classroom instruction and student engagement.

Student test performance has improved and more of our students are meeting the New York State diploma requirements.

Students eagerly use our state-of-the-art library’s vast resources to access information for educational projects, employment opportunities and daily living. In addition, both teachers and staff are afforded an exhaustive source of library materials which are used to supplement instruction or support individual reading. In prior years, such a facility didn’t exist.

Finally, not only have improvements been implemented in various course offerings, programs and counseling services, but students and their parents, in greater numbers, are benefiting from the reorganization of our Parents Association, school-home communication and outreach services.

We thank Dr. Sulner for her leadership, energy and extraordinary vision. We will continue to work with Dr. Sulner toward our shared goal of helping each student gain the knowledge and skills to achieve success.

The letter was signed by 41 teachers and staff at Queens Transition Center

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