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Chicago charter school educators win pay parity

Charter school teachers and paraprofessionals in Chicago ended their two-week strike on Feb. 18 after the Chicago International Charter School network promised to increase their salaries to the same level as educators in traditional public schools — a raise of nearly 35 percent over the term of the contract.

The proposed four-year contract would cover the approximately 200 educators in the network that belong to the Chicago Teachers Union. The deal limits class size to 30 students per room and includes a week of paid parental leave, shorter work schedules and a provision for the charter school network to pay 7 percent of teachers’ required pension contributions.

During the strike, educators staged street demonstrations and sent Valentine’s Day protest cards to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office.

Chris Geovanis, a spokesperson for the Chicago Teachers Union, said, “This is a huge victory for students, this is a huge victory for families and this is a huge victory for low-wage educators who have been fighting for dignity and respect on the job.”

Chicago Tribune, Feb. 18
Chicago Sun Times, Feb 18

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