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What are the rules when applying for a salary differential?

I just realized that the courses I completed last fall should make me eligible for a salary differential. Can I still apply to get the extra payment?

New Teachers Ask

Yes, but do it soon. Here’s why: When you complete courses that qualify you for any pay differential, be sure to apply for the extra payment within six months so the salary increase will be retroactive to your date of eligibility. So if your fall courses made you eligible for a differential, your application must reach the DOE no later than July 31. If you wait too long, you can still apply but you will lose the retroactive pay you might have gotten.

You can access the online application form by going to the DOE’s payroll portal system at

Once your online application is complete, submit it and you will receive an e-mail confirmation that your application was received. In addition, print out your completed application. Keep one copy for your records; submit another copy to the DOE together with your original transcripts, which the DOE will evaluate.

You can hand-deliver your application to 65 Court St., Room 105 (ask for a receipt), or send it by certified mail, returned receipt requested, to the address indicated on the application. Once all the required documentation for your salary differential is received by the DOE Salary Unit, you will receive a confirmation, which you should keep for your records.

This process takes from four to six weeks to complete. When the DOE completes its evaluation, you will receive an e-mail informing you if your differential has been granted.

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