Teacher Centers

The Teacher Center operates sites at approximately 125 schools of all levels in all regions of the city. There you can:

  • Find instructional resources, computer access and the math and literacy coaches at those schools.
  • Plan instruction, lessons, units and projects with Teacher Center staff.
  • Problem-solve classroom management situations.
  • Learn to use multimedia equipment to prepare for interdisciplinary teaching.
  • Take professional development seminars and courses.

To find UFT Teacher Center sites, search www.ufttc.org or print a directory.

Networking, Learning Opportunities

If you want a change of scene, to meet other new teachers who are facing the same challenges and to expand your repertoire of skills, the Teacher Center can help. It offers:

  • Study groups, seminars, summer institutes and content area conferences.
  • Exciting conferences throughout the year focusing on educational issues. Recent ones included "Applying the NYS P–12 Common Core Learning Standards for Literacy" and "Pathways to the Common Core: Engaging ELLs in Language Literacy and Content Learning."
  • Many of these professional activities are free or low fee. For current listings, see the union paper, New York Teacher’s TNT (The Newer Teacher) page and www.ufttc.org.

National Board Certification

After you have completed three years of teaching experience, you might consider working toward voluntary national board certification — a designation that not only would bring you to the city’s top salary differential, but also would mark your emergence as one of the nation’s most accomplished teachers.

National certification comes from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, an organization that grew out of an idea from our national affiliate, the American Federation of Teachers. The UFT Teacher Center furthers this vision by providing support through the demanding certification process.

This certification attests that you have reached a level of excellence in your field based on rigorous standards. The standards are primarily written for and by teachers and articulate exemplary teaching practices.

UFT Conferences

Every year the UFT holds two gala events for all its members. In November there’s Teacher Union Day, when the UFT remembers the strike in 1960 that led to the first UFT negotiated contract. At that event the union honors its members, old and new, for their service to the union cause. It provides a professional growth opportunity for new teachers to learn about the struggles that shaped this union in the past and to be a part of the union in the future.

In May there’s the UFT Spring Conference. Educators, parents, advocates, elected officials and representatives of the city and state departments of education gather to debate, discuss and present information about the latest in educational practice and policy in workshops, forums and speak-outs, many designed especially for our newer members. There are exhibitors on hand and a luncheon at which the union bestows the coveted John Dewey Award upon a person who has advanced the cause of teachers and teacher unions. Past recipients of this award include Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr. and Edward Kennedy.

Many school chapters attend as a group, bringing along members of their school leadership teams.

Additional Information

For Teacher Center professional activities, check out the New York Teacher’s For Newer Teachers page.

Need a master’s degree or deeper knowledge of your field? Try the UFT course program. We’ll mail you a special New York Teacher Education Supplement three times a year.

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