UFT Headquarters

At union headquarters, located at 52 Broadway, New York, NY 10004, you’ll find:

  • UFT Certification Services.
  • The Teacher Center headquarters and conference center, where there are many graduate-level classes, educational workshops and professional conferences.
  • The UFT Welfare Fund.
  • Union departments (including Political Action, Grievance, Safety and Just for Fun.
  • UFT officers, whom members elect every three years. They:
    • Shape policy.
    • Negotiate and enforce our contract.
    • Deal with the school system, and city and state agencies.
    • Assure that the UFT efficiently delivers services to you.
    • Work to create public and political support to improve teaching and learning conditions in public schools.
    • Fight to ensure that educators have a decent income, long-term economic security, and professional autonomy and fairness on the job.

The UFT Constitution specifies that five of the seven vice presidents come from:
• Elementary schools
• Middle schools
• Academic high schools
• Career/technical high schools
• Special education

A sixth VP champions education issues and the seventh represents members who are not employees of the New York City Department of Education, such as educators in private or charter schools or hospital nurses.

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