UFT Welfare Fund

Beyond the medical and hospitalization benefits you receive through the city’s health plans, you also have an array of additional benefits through the UFT Welfare Fund, including dental, optical, hearing and prescription drugs.

You must enroll in the Welfare Fund separately from enrolling in a health plan. There are no waiting periods for benefits once you enroll as an eligible member.

The fastest and easiest way to enroll is online.

Alternatively, your UFT chapter leader has Welfare Fund enrollment forms. Mail one directly to the Welfare Fund at the address on the form.

Within two weeks of enrolling, you should receive a UFT Welfare Fund drug card, which is your identification for purchasing prescription drugs. Call the Welfare Fund if your card is delayed. Your name will be the only one listed on the card, although the names of your eligible dependents will appear on the pharmacist’s screen.

You’ll also receive a booklet called “The Red Apple,” which describes the full range of your benefits. It’s available online. You are covered as soon as you enroll and will be reimbursed if you need to fill a prescription before your card arrives.

UFT Welfare Fund benefits plans cover you, your spouse or domestic partner, and your eligible dependents. These plans include:

  • Prescription Drug Plan. This plan covers prescription drugs (but not those sold over the counter).
    • Be sure to save receipts for prescription drugs you paid for before receiving your drug card so you can be reimbursed.
    • When you need to fill a prescription, go to a participating pharmacy, show your UFT Welfare Fund drug card, and pay a co-payment. For a 30-day supply, the Fund has three tiers of co-payment (generic $5, preferred brand $15, non-preferred brand $35).
    • After filling 90 days of maintenance medication locally, mail order is mandatory. As of March 2016, your doctor must submit your prescriptions electronically, so ask your doctor to order your 90-day supply directly from the Express Scripts Home Delivery Service (800) 723-9182.

The UFT Welfare Fund Drug formulary is a great tool for understanding whether a prescription drug is covered and how to obtain it.

  • Dental plan. Through the Welfare Fund you can choose between two plans:
    • A dental HMO (Dentcare) with no co-payment or
    • A Scheduled Benefit Plan that allows you, your spouse or domestic partner, and your eligible dependents to use participating dentists (at no charge or with a small co-payment) or nonparticipating dentists with reimbursement according to the fee schedule.
  • Optical plan. It covers the cost of an eye exam and eyeglasses entirely every two years or gives you an allowance that you can apply toward an upgrade. You may also elect to purchase contact lenses and receive a credit as per the fee schedule. The Fund will issue you an optical plan voucher that explains the details of the plan. Members can order the voucher either online or by calling the hotline at 1-212-539-0539.
  • Hearing aid. Members are entitled to one hearing aid every three years. Participating providers have agreed to give a minimum 25% discount off the cost of a hearing aid. The Fund will issue you a hearing aid voucher that explains the details of the plan. Members can order the voucher either online or by calling the hotline at 1-212-539-0539.

Additional benefits

The following Welfare Fund benefits are available only for you and not your dependents:

  • Disability insurance. Qualifying pedagogues may be covered for $475 per week for a maximum of 52 weeks ($375 per week for paraprofessionals). Call the UFT Welfare Fund at 1-212-539-0500 if you need an application or more details.
  • Death benefit. When you enroll in the UFT Welfare Fund, you should designate a beneficiary in case of death.
    • The younger you are, the higher the death benefit will be, starting at $30,000 and declining through the years.
    • This complements the death benefit that accrues through the pension system or any other life insurance you may have.

You can learn about all of your available benefits by reading the Red Apple benefit booklet or on the UFT Welfare Fund section of our website.

Change of address or status

If your address or marital status changes you can update it through the online “change of status” process, or ask your chapter leader for a blue “Change of Status” packet or phone the UFT Welfare Fund forms hotline at 1-212-539-0539.

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