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Due-process rights for teachers reduced in New Jersey

Tenure will be harder for New Jersey teachers to get and easier to lose under new legislation that Gov. Chris Christie signed in early August that overhauled the state’s century-old tenure law.

Instead of getting due-process rights after three years on the job, teachers will now have to wait at least four years — and they will have to get good marks in a new, more rigorous evaluation process. They can also lose tenure and face firing if they are rated “ineffective” for two consecutive years.

The law has provisions designed to speed up the process of firing teachers who get poor marks, but it also has new methods to try to help those educators improve.

The bill, viewed as a compromise, had bipartisan support and passed unanimously in both houses of the Democrat-controlled Legislature. The state’s National Education Association affiliate agreed to support the law after Christie dropped his demand to end the policy of laying off teachers in reverse seniority order.

CNN, Aug. 7

CBS New York, Aug. 6

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