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Koch network spending big to erode public education

Billionaire Charles Koch and his allies are pouring money into a massive campaign to transform education in the United States from a fundamental right to a commodity. The Charles Koch Network plans to spend about $400 million to advance a far-right education agenda in ballots across the country this election cycle and is spending big on alternatives to traditional public schools, including vouchers and charter schools. The group distributed roughly $100 million to 350 colleges and universities in 2017 — a sevenfold increase over the past five years — and intends to double the amount it spends on K–12 schools to promote its conservative agenda.

The group’s priorities include breaking teachers unions, draining public school funding into educational saving accounts and developing technologies for parents to use to shop for private classes and tutors online instead of sending their children to schools with trained and accredited public school teachers.

The Washington Post, Jan. 30


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