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Lawsuit against teacher tenure defeated in Minnesota

A lawsuit challenging teacher tenure law in Minnesota was defeated on Sept. 5 as a state court of appeals panel upheld a lower court’s dismissal of the case. The plaintiffs claimed that state rules protecting teacher due-process rights were unconstitutional. The panel disagreed and declared the issue a matter for the Legislature, not the courts.

Denise Specht, the president of state teachers union Education Minnesota, said the lawsuit was part of a national campaign to mislead the public about the job protections that unions provide.

“These laws prevent good teachers from being fired for bad reasons,” said Specht. “They protect teachers who speak out about the learning conditions in their schools, or for advocating for their students on the margins. Simply put, they let teachers tell parents what they need to know about their schools.”

The national group Partnership for Educational Justice, which backed the Minnesota lawsuit, is also supporting the anti-tenure lawsuit in New York.

St. Paul Pioneer Press, Sept. 5

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