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Worst job market for teachers in decades

While employment increased nationwide by 290,000 in April, it’s the worst job market for teachers since the Great Depression.

Schools that once couldn’t fill hard-to-staff positions with certified teachers are being flooded with applications.

The recession seems to have penetrated a profession long seen as recession-proof.

Even upscale suburban districts are preparing for huge levels of layoffs. More than 150,000 teachers nationwide could lose their jobs next year, far more than any other time, including the last major financial crisis of the 1970s.

Charter schools are practically the only ones hiring in New York and elsewhere, but not nearly enough to meet the demand for teaching positions.

Teach for America, which places graduates from some of the nation’s top colleges in poor schools, has seen applications increase by nearly a third this year to 46,000 — for 4,500 slots. From Ivy League colleges alone, there are 1,688 would-be teachers.

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