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Document your work related to SESIS

The Department of Education has failed to provide the equipment, time, training and support that UFT members need to do work involving the Special Education Student Information System. The union is doing everything it can to force the DOE to come up with a sound and reasonable plan.

In addition to meeting with the DOE, the union has filed an improper practice charge at the Public Employment Relations Board and a union-initiated grievance. The union’s contract arbitration on SESIS started on Dec. 8.

It’s important that members document for their records all of the work that they do on SESIS before and after their workday and/or during their duty-free lunch. The UFT is asking that employees who have had to work beyond their normal workday be paid for their time.

If the union succeeds, members may need to provide proof of the additional time they worked in order to get paid. Hang on to this documentation until the union requests it.

The UFT is grateful to members who have provided it with information about the problems and obstacles they face with SESIS. This information will be invaluable in the contract arbitration and PERB proceedings.

Please keep the union informed by using its online SESIS information form.

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