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After the storm

How to get assistance

Although the storm has subsided, the devastation left in its wake is tremendous. The UFT is marshaling its resources and providing the following services to our members and their families who have been affected by the storm.

Fill out our Urgent Assistance Form

In our effort to help UFT members who have suffered the greatest losses from Hurricane Sandy, we have created an online urgent assistance form to collect information about your plight and your needs, such as counseling, shelter or help with FEMA paperwork. We will use the information you provide to help get you the support that you need.

This form is for the family of UFT members who died or were severely injured, for UFT members who lost a family member, and for UFT members who lost or were displaced from their homes as a result of the storm. You can access the form at

Need counseling?

In addition to the counseling services already available through the union’s Member Assistance Program, the staff of the program are compiling a list of appropriate services in the boroughs to assist our members with issues surrounding crisis, trauma and bereavement. Call your borough office if you need a referral; the list will also be posted on the UFT website as soon as it is available.

Members with urgent counseling needs can call the Member Assistance Program at 1-212-701-9620 or email

Donate to the UFT Disaster Relief Fund

We will be using our UFT Disaster Relief Fund to collect donations to help UFT members who suffered serious losses as a result of the storm. Donations can be made online at or via check payable to the UFT Disaster Relief Fund at UFT Disaster Relief Fund, c/o Vice President Karen Alford, UFT, 52 Broadway, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10004.

Volunteer Opportunities

The union is also coordinating a volunteer effort with our national affiliate, the American Federation of Teachers. Starting on Saturday, Nov. 10, AFT members are volunteering with the cleanup and recovery effort in some of the areas hardest hit by the storm, including Tottenville and Midland Beach on Staten Island. The AFT will provide the volunteers; the UFT will provide materials, logistics and coordination.

There will also be opportunities for UFT members to volunteer in the near future.

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