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Irving campus staff protest Eva moving in

Chapter Leaders Gregg Lundahl (left) of Washington Irving HS and Thomas Hasler (Pat ArnowChapter Leaders Gregg Lundahl (left) of Washington Irving HS and Thomas Hasler (red jacket) of International HS at Union Square, are among those leading the protest.

Chanting “Eva, Eva Moskowitz, it’s time for you to call it quits,” educators rallied on Dec. 10 outside the Washington Irving Campus against the proposed co-location of a Moskowitz-run Success Academy charter school inside the Union Square-area building prior to a school-based hearing on the proposal.

Educators at the six schools have collected more than 600 signatures on a petition opposing the co-location, which represents new territory for the for-profit charter chain that is based in Harlem but recently branched out to the Upper West Side.

Gretchen Ziegler, the chapter leader at one of the six campus schools, Gramercy Arts HS, told the protesters that there simply is not enough space to fit another school in the building.

Inequitable funding is also a major concern, according to International HS at Union Square Chapter Leader Thomas Hasler, whose school has not had a librarian for the past three years due to lack of funds.

“In 2006, when Eva led only four schools, she paid herself $310,000,” Hasler said. “She spent $1.3 million in 2006–2007 on public relations. This money is public money, not private money. It has to go into our classrooms, for our students.”

Gregg Lundahl, the longtime chapter leader at Washington Irving HS, which is phasing out, took aim squarely at the mayor, a major supporter of Moskowitz and the charter school movement.

“Mr. Bloomberg, it is time that you stop giving this city away to your friends,” he said.

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