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Kazansky is UFT choice for TRS post

David Kazansky headshotDavid Kazansky The UFT leadership is asking all union members to sign nominating petitions to re-elect David Kazansky to a second three-year term as a trustee on the Teachers’ Retirement System board.

Petitions, which are now in all schools, may be signed by regularly appointed school staff members, supervisors and paraprofessionals who have joined the TRS. The signed petitions must be returned no later than March 31.

Since his election to the retirement board in 2015, Kazansky has worked closely with and has the enthusiastic support of Debra Penny and Thomas Brown, the other teacher-members of the Retirement Board.

Brown said his prediction three years ago has come true: Kazansky has been “a fast learner, competent and smart” as a new board member.

Kazansky keeps abreast of what’s going on in the fast-changing pension world by regularly attending conferences held by the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems, the National Council on Teacher Retirement and the Council for Institutional Investors. He is a graduate of the Investment Strategies and Portfolio Management Program of the Wharton School of Business.

A dedicated union advocate for decades, Kazansky served on his junior high school’s consultation committee before being elected delegate and then chapter leader. His part-time career with the UFT began in the Bronx as a pension consultant providing preliminary and final consultations for UFT members.

In 2006, Kazansky began working full time for the union, first as a Bronx representative and coordinator of the Victim Support Program. Following his appointment as director of school safety in 2011, Kazansky founded the anti-bullying BRAVE campaign and the crisis hotline. In 2013, he was appointed director of the UFT’s Safety and Health Department.

Penny spoke of the “great job” Kazansky has done in his first term. “I look forward to another three years of working with David,” she said. “We three are a good team.”

Concerned about the shaky future of pensions across the country, Kazansky said, “With escalating attacks on unions, now more than ever, I want to make sure our members’ retirement security continues to be the best in the nation.”

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