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Members surveyed on contract priorities

In light of the upcoming contract negotiations between the UFT and the Department of Education, the union has asked its DOE-employed members for their priorities to ensure that the union negotiating committee is aware of their job-related concerns and issues.

The UFT divisional vice presidents on Feb. 27 sent contract surveys to members in their respective divisions to gather this information.

The functional chapter leaders sent online surveys via email to their members in December, January and February.

UFT Secretary Howard Schoor said the union went to the extra effort of creating a contract survey for each functional chapter.

“Our functional chapter members do so many different jobs in so many different types of workplaces. One-stop negotiating just doesn’t address their needs,” said Schoor. “We needed to hear from our educators and clinicians so we know what’s important to them.”

In addition, UFT President Michael Mulgrew had an opportunity to hear some of the concerns of the functional chapters at two meet-the-president events, attended by several hundred functional chapter members, in December and January.

The UFT represents about 80,000 teachers, 29,000 paraprofessionals and about 11,000 other members in two dozen other functional chapters, including school counselors, school secretaries and occupational and physical therapists.

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