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Membership teams form in each school

The UFT is organizing membership teams in every school so the union will be in a stronger position to protect member rights and benefits when the U.S. Supreme Court rules in the Janus v. AFSCME case.

“At this critical moment, are you willing to help keep the union alive and strong in your building?” Mulgrew asked in an email to chapter leaders, delegates and paraprofessional representatives.

The teams will be responsible for educating fellow members about the serious dangers posed by the Janus case and building a sense of unity as the union prepares to confront the challenges ahead.

Because UFT chapter leaders already have a daunting set of responsibilities, the membership teams will engage a new set of members to help with this new and important work. The membership team should be representative of the members at each worksite, so a para rep or other paraprofessional, for instance, should be on each team.

Membership team members will have one-on-one conversations with all the members in their chapter to inform them about Janus and answer their questions and concerns about how the case affects them. The team also will organize workplace actions to build union solidarity in each chapter.

Team members will be asked to attend one training session at their local UFT borough office. Team work will be done at the school site, mostly during school hours.

If your school does not yet have a membership team and you would be willing to participate, please reach out to your UFT district representative.

“We cannot let our enemies divide us,” Mulgrew said. “When the Janus ruling comes down, our fate will rest in our own hands. Only if we stay united as UFT members will we stave off this attack on the hard-fought rights and benefits of every UFT member.”

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