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New UFT program offers special access to Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

MSK Direct gives UFT members access to a dedicated cancer specialists.

MSK Direct gives UFT members access to a dedicated and compassionate team of cancer specialists at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming, whether it happens to you or to a family member. To guide you through this stressful period, the UFT Welfare Fund is providing members with special access to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center through a new program, MSK Direct.

MSK Direct ensures access to a dedicated and compassionate team of cancer specialists. When faced with a cancer diagnosis, reliable information and timely, comprehensive care are crucial. Through MSK Direct, the experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering will help you make the right plan.

“The Sept. 1 launch of MSK Direct shows that, even in this tough health care environment, we will work tirelessly to improve the health benefits of UFT members and their loved ones,” said UFT President Michael Mulgrew. “It’s what we do as a union.”

The MSK Direct team includes experienced nurses, social workers and care advisers who will guide you through the process of seeking care at Memorial Sloan Kettering. They can facilitate prompt access to a doctor, including a guaranteed appointment with an appropriate specialist at Memorial Sloan Kettering within two business days of speaking with a representative. They will help you gather all necessary medical records and meet you at your first appointment to introduce you to the clinical team that will be handling your treatment.

Effective Sept. 1, 2017, all UFT members, retirees and their family members have access to MSK Direct at no additional cost beyond standard co-pays and deductibles. Your spouse, domestic partner, children, parents and parents-in-law can all receive assistance through MSK Direct (subject to health insurance coverage for care at Memorial Sloan Kettering) as well.

Memorial Sloan Kettering is an in-network provider for all city health plans except Metroplus Gold. It is also in-network for UFT retirees with original Medicare or the GHI/BC SeniorCare Medicare supplement. Out-of-pocket costs for treatment received at Memorial Sloan Kettering will vary depending on your plan.

MSK Direct is available to you even before you have a confirmed cancer diagnosis. You may contact MSK Direct if your doctor has recommended that you see an oncology provider or after a test indicates a suspicion of cancer. If you have already been diagnosed with cancer, you can contact MSK Direct to schedule an appointment for a second opinion or, if you are receiving cancer care at another facility, MSK Direct can advise you on your options as your treatment progresses.

To learn more about this new program, call the UFT Welfare Fund’s dedicated toll-free MSK Direct line at 844-350-5034 from Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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