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Paperwork process gets job done

Piles of paperwork stacked The data proves it: The UFT’s new paperwork reduction reporting form gets results.

Of 313 paperwork complaints filed in the 2016–17 school year, 93 percent were resolved, union records showed. And almost all were resolved at the school level.

“That might be because principals don’t want their superintendents to know what is going on in their schools,” UFT President Michael Mulgrew said at the June 14 Delegate Assembly.

He said the remaining 7 percent of complaints were “close to being resolved.”

The new process for handling paperwork concerns was launched in September 2016 at the union’s citywide chapter leader meeting. When principals mandate paperwork that chapter leaders feel violates the standards negotiated by the Department of Education and the UFT in 2015, chapter leaders have been instructed to file the union’s paperwork reduction reporting form. The union then steps in and works to get the issue resolved.

If the violations can’t be resolved at the school level, they are brought to the attention of the superintendent and the district paperwork committee.

Excessive paperwork is a top complaint among members, yet only four official complaints made it to the central paperwork committee in the two years since the union and the DOE negotiated paperwork standards and a procedure to enforce them. In response, the union set up the online reporting form, which is housed in the chapter leader section of the UFT website.

Mulgrew credited Debra Poulos, who was named the union’s director of contract empowerment in September 2016, with making sure the new system worked.

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