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‘We’re ready!’

Newest UFT ad stresses dedication of city’s public school educators

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Teachers and students prepare to shoot one of the scenes from the newest UFT television ad. Watch video >>

More than 8 million viewers were expected to see the commercial by the time it finished airing on Oct. 7.

“We’re ready,” a cast of five New York City public school teachers told local TV audiences in a 30-second UFT television ad that blanketed prime-time broadcast and cable spots from Sept. 28 to Oct. 7.

Audiences tuned into the presidential debate on Oct. 3 on the major networks were among the more than 8 million TV viewers who were expected to see and hear just how “ready” city teachers are to make a difference in the lives of their students during the 10 days the spot aired.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew said, “Our ad shows the dedicated work our educators do in the classroom each and every day to strengthen our public schools and to prepare all this city’s children for the future.”

The ad begins with Ashley Rougier, a 7th-grade teacher from IS 392 in Brooklyn, who says, “The children in our public schools are getting ready for the future,” followed by Marcus Artigliere, a 6th-grade teacher from IS 220 in Sunset Park, who adds that teachers are “ready to move our schools forward.”

Lesley-Anne P. Jones, a 5th-grade teacher from PS 158 in East New York, applauds teachers working with parents: “We’re ready to continue working with parents and the community.” Artigliere adds, “ready to build great neighborhood schools for every child.”

Two other teachers — Angela Stornaiuolo from PS 102 in Bay Ridge and Eileen Loughran-Verticchio from PS 6 on Staten Island — also appear in the ad, which is set to a quick-paced montage of school scenes.

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