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Hurricane Sandy — Pitching in, reaching out

DOE creates appeals process for absences

The DOE created a special appeals process for educators who, for one of a vast number of legitimate reasons, were unable to report to work due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

School-based staff could use the DOE’s online form to appeal the loss of a leave day for days that they were absent for storm-related reasons between Friday, Nov. 2 and Friday, Nov. 9.

School-based staff were excused from Monday, Oct. 20 through Thursday, Nov. 1 so they do not need to submit an appeal for those days.

Once a member submits an appeal, no deductions will be made from the member’s leave bank unless the appeal is denied.

Non-school-based personnel such as teachers assigned may use the same process to appeal the loss of leave days for absences beginning Monday, Oct. 29, since they were asked to report to work on the days that the schools were closed.

School staff has until Dec. 31 to submit an appeal for storm-related absences.

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