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June 7, 2018

Mural gives students ‘voice’

There’s a new mural outside 751M in the East Village that staff members say captures the diversity, individuality and love of the nearly 60 students who created it.

Better Speech and Hearing Month Celebration 2018

An array of projects by speech teachers and their students earned a place in the spotlight at the union's 12th annual Better Speech and Hearing Month Celebration.

History of Motown performance at P 373, Brooklyn

High school students at P 373, a District 75 school at the Brooklyn Transition Center, brought the house down on May 15 with an original performance chronicling the beginning of the Temptations singing group and the history of Motown music from Diana Ross to Michael Jackson.

District 11 Scholarship Dinner Dance

“I’m so excited to be a part of District 11 — it’s like one big family,” said Jasmin Hunt, a teacher at PS 153 in the Bronx. Big is right. Nearly 550 members of that family turned out at Villa Barone Manor on April 25 for the second annual UFT District 11 Scholarship Dinner Dance.

District 24 Scholarship Dinner Dance 2018

A former IS 61 student returns to help salute an outstanding teacher honoree at the annual District 24 Scholarship Dinner Dance on April 24 at Russo’s On the Bay in Howard Beach, Queens.

First Book event in St. Albans, Queens

What’s the fastest way to have 40,000 books disappear? Bring them to a UFT First Book event, of course.

UFT Welfare Fund Medical Learning Series

Exercise is the best way to prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia and many other illnesses, and it's free and readily available. That was the message at the UFT Welfare Fund Medical Learning Series’ last seminar of the school year at union headquarters in Manhattan on May 17.

May Day rally

UFT members joined fellow unionized workers and immigrants to stand together as Partners in Power, the theme of the 2018 May Day rally in Washington Square Park.

Hellenic American Educators Association celebration of Greek independence

A celebration of Greek Independence Day, complete with traditional foods and a history lesson, took place at UFT headquarters in Manhattan, where UFT members who are part of the union’s Hellenic American Educators Association came together on April 26.

In the Middle — UFT’s anti-bullying student conference

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Anthony Harmon, the UFT director of parent and community outreach, reminded about 300 middle schoolers and their teachers and counselors of that famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi as they prepared to head for workshops during the UFT’s anti-bullying conference, “In the Middle,” on May 10.

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