Around the UFT

December 1, 2016

Yoobi donates to schools in Brooklyn's District 14

“Nothing is as exciting to kids as a new pencil,” says Karen Rost, the chapter leader at PS 59, a UFT Community Learning School in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

New York City Art Teachers Association 2016 conference

The theme of this year's New York City Art Teachers Association's conference was collaboration. “It’s professional development for teachers to get new skills but they also have a chance to make new friends and work with colleagues,” said Joan Davidson, the conference coordinator.

Veterans Day assembly at IS 259, Brooklyn

Jessica Amato teaches English language arts to 7th-graders at IS 259 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. When a student asked her, “What is a veteran?” Amato said she “knew we had to do something on Veterans Day."

Inspiration sensation

Brooklyn author-illustrator Brendan Wenzel visited students at PS 189 in Crown Heights and inspired them to do their own writing and drawing.

UFT Players’ annual Halloween Happening

Members and guests gathered at union headquarters in Manhattan on Oct. 28 for the group’s 13th annual Halloween Happening, two hours of improvisation, poetry and camaraderie.

NYC Association of Foreign Language Teachers conference

"The place was inflused with language and learning," said the president of the New York City Association of Foreign Language Teachers/UFT about the group's 19th annual conference.

Lead teacher assistant meet-and-greet

More than 30 new lead teacher assistants, the new career ladder position for paraprofessionals, attended a meet-and-greet on Nov. 4 to learn more about their role and responsibilities.

Virtual Enterprises International Room reopening at Academy of Finance and Enterprise, Queens

Students at the Academy of Finance and Enterprise in Long Island City, Queens, have something in common with Google: a computer lab with no walls.

Brooklyn’s District 75 paraprofessionals honored

Fifty-two Brooklyn paraprofessionals in District 75 with 25 or more years of service were honored at an appreciation dinner on Oct. 28.

Halloween at CS 211, the Bronx

For Halloween, Chapter Leader Andrew Villafane convinced most of the 75 teachers and staff at CS 211 in the Bronx, to surprise the students by dressing up as super heroes on Halloween.

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