July 6, 2017

In defense of immigrant rights

The immigration debate reported on in the New York Teacher [“Your fight is our fight,” June 1] reflects how important this issue is for the UFT.

All the right moves

I’m frequently astonished by the kind of fluent mathematical thinking that PS 748 teacher Shari Gigante develops in her students.

TMI wanted for parking permit

I work in a school where parking is limited. In order to get this permit, we are being asked to give a copy of our license and vehicle registration.

DeVos dismissed

Congratulations are in order for the graduating students of Bethune-Cookman University in Florida for soundly booing Secretary of Eradication Betsy DeVos while she attempted to speak at their commencement on May 10.

Public School Proud

We love our public schools. My sons got top-notch educations in New York City. My sons each attended excellent colleges and received academic scholarships.

Lookin’ good!

The prom boutique [“Say yes to the dress,” June 1] was a great event.

FirstBook is first rate

I attended the FirstBook event at PS 105 on June 10. Great event!

Budget benefits wealthy, not kids

The proposed federal education budget isn’t about education. This is a tax break to the wealthy in disguise. Simple as that.

June 1, 2017

Literacy test elimination

I recently read that the New York Board of Regents eliminated the literacy test for prospective teachers because minority candidates passed the literacy exam at lower rates than white candidates [The New York Times, March 13].

Single-stall solution

Regarding “Transgender policy starts with respect for all” [May 4]: To achieve respect for all, we must first accept the fact that tolerance of one’s private space and private parts is a two-way street.

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