July 6, 2017

In defense of immigrant rights

The immigration debate reported on in the New York Teacher [“Your fight is our fight,” June 1] reflects how important this issue is for the UFT.

All the right moves

I’m frequently astonished by the kind of fluent mathematical thinking that PS 748 teacher Shari Gigante develops in her students.

TMI wanted for parking permit

I work in a school where parking is limited. In order to get this permit, we are being asked to give a copy of our license and vehicle registration.

June 1, 2017

Literacy test elimination

I recently read that the New York Board of Regents eliminated the literacy test for prospective teachers because minority candidates passed the literacy exam at lower rates than white candidates [The New York Times, March 13].

Single-stall solution

Regarding “Transgender policy starts with respect for all” [May 4]: To achieve respect for all, we must first accept the fact that tolerance of one’s private space and private parts is a two-way street.

Law determines an American

UFT Vice President Richard Mantell [“What is an American?” VPrespective, May 4] gives what professes to be a working Merriam Webster dictionary definition of the word “American”: “a native or inhabitant of any of the United States.” He argues for an “expansive view” of “American” to counter a narrow view, resulting from intolerance.

Parking problems

The recent decision to go back to the old system and grant parking placards to all school employees is being promoted as some sort of victory, but many teachers and other school employees don’t see it that way.

Coming together: UFT Spring Education Conference

Public education is not a partisan issue, it’s a moral issue, and no matter who you voted for, everyone has to come together for education. Great speech by Rev. Barber.

Hungerford anniversary shows strides in special ed

I remember the time of the Willowbrook State School atrocities mentioned in your Hungerford School anniversary story [“How far we’ve come,” May 4] as I was entering the field of special ed/deaf and hard-of-hearing education.

May 4, 2017

Equal time

The article “Portraits of activism” [April 6] was most tender, inspiring and heartfelt — openly and proudly critical of U.S. policy — and rightly so.

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