May 4, 2017

Equal time

The article “Portraits of activism” [April 6] was most tender, inspiring and heartfelt — openly and proudly critical of U.S. policy — and rightly so.

Pensions in jeopardy?

From the start of my teaching career in 1966, we had always been told that our pensions were legally safe and could not be tampered with! Never before did we hear information to the contrary.


In “Trump budget a ‘nightmare’ for education” [April 6 issue], the opinion expressed in response to President Trump’s funding objectives for public schools seems to be dismissed by the opinions expressed in the other story, “City sets policy to protect immigrant students,” on the same page.

Bravo, UFT!

Regarding your story on the UFT’s college and career fair [“Focusing on their futures,” April 6]

Bilingual power

Go PS 66Q! [“Teaching ELLs: Keeping the old while learning the new,” April 6.]

Right to NOT work

Gradually the pages of hard-won rights are being turned back 100 years.

April 6, 2017

Topic of Trump

The following letter was sent to Retired Teachers Chapter Leader Tom Murphy:

Guidance counselors conference

The UFT Guidance Counselors Conference [see story on page 12] was excellent. Well-organized, upbeat and informative. A perfect opportunity to connect with fellow counselors to learn and share resources that help us serve our New York City students.

Where’s the needed special ed funding?

Regarding the news that the U.S. Supreme Court has raised the bar for the educational benefits owed to millions of children with disabilities [see News Briefs on page 20]: Public schools need funding to be able to provide for the large population of students who are disabled in some way. Unfortunately, raising the bar can’t apply to every child’s situation in theory due to the U.S. secretary of education’s stance on charter and private schools.

Happy birthday, UFT

As the UFT celebrated its 57th anniversary on March 16, I want to say thank you to those 1960s and 1970s teachers who put their livelihood on the line! You created a safer, more legitimate system for our kids and professionals.

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