December 1, 2016

The lack of curriculum

It was very disappointing to read your article about the lack of curriculum in so many schools [“Widespread lack of curriculum in core subjects,” Nov. 3].

The importance of teamwork

Regarding the story “Two of a kind” [Nov. 3] about the guidance counselor and social worker at PS 203 in Queens:

Election Day blues

After the election of Donald Trump, everything dear to us is on the line. We have political strength, but we can always be stronger. Every UFT member must contribute to COPE. If you contribute, please consider contributing an additional amount.

November 3, 2016

Against homework

Your Learning Curve column [Oct. 6] basically says that studies show homework isn’t necessary and may be harmful (due to other activities that the student is missing out on while completing it) and then has a bunch of teachers explain anecdotally that their students are somehow the exception and the homework they assign is extra meaningful and necessary and has nothing to do with those silly scientific studies.

Campaign 2016

Beyond the lack of civility and personal attacks in the second presidential debate, the failure of either candidate (or the moderators) to mention education in any capacity was a glaring and dangerous omission.

School integration

Choice is the key on the question of school integration.

October 6, 2016

Presidential thoughts
Class suspensions

Many years ago, I served as dean in an East Harlem junior high school. I maintained a strict policy of the immediate removal of disruptive students from the classroom.

September 8, 2016

To suspend or not suspend?

What is the solution to the very real problem presented to teachers when there are disruptive students who consistently deprive other students of educational opportunities?

Concrete facts

For four decades, my kindergarten and 1st-grade students have gone each week to construction sites to observe and to meet workers and learn about their jobs.

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