June 7, 2018

A lesson for Mark Janus
He should read a history book. My grandmother remembered when the elderly had to break rocks on the side of the road in order to earn food or be placed in the “work house.”
Salute to nurses

Nurses, along with teachers, are the unsung heroes of the world!

#UnionProud is oh-so correct

Good for you, Sharon (Henderson, who was featured in the Union Proud feature in the May 3 issue of New York Teacher).

The need for paid parental leave

My due date is today, April 24. I am 40 weeks at the moment. I am going to work every day until my water breaks so that I do not use up the days in my sick bank.

Taking action for Puerto Rico

I am proud to share the social action project that was spearheaded by the members of my leadership class.

May 3, 2018

Parent is Public School Proud

The following letter was send to UFT District 21 Representative Kate O’Hagan: I wanted to share my daughter’s journey in the public school system. 

Noteworthy grads

I read, with great interest, your story about Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek [April 5]. I often read his articles about physics in the Wall Street Journal and most recently in the forward to “The Character of Physical Law,” a book by Nobel laureate Richard Feynman, a graduate of Far Rockaway HS.

Learning through play

I was very encouraged to see the articles in the April 5 New York Teacher about the importance of learning through play in early childhood education.

The power of the UFT

Unlike the authors of “What a difference the UFT makes” [April 5], the New York City public school system was the only school system in which I taught. However, prior to teaching, I spent 25 years working in private industry.

Observations about the recent walkouts

Most of these poorly paid teachers who are involved in the recent walkouts live in red states. 

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