Feature stories

June 7, 2018

Ready for prom

Thousands of eighth-graders and high school seniors will be decked out for end-of-year celebrations thanks to eight UFT prom events that were held in all five boroughs in April and May.

Easel does it

Visitors to the UFT’s Queens borough office in April were greeted by a curious sight: an artist with a tray full of oil paints standing before an easel in the 5th-floor waiting room.

May 3, 2018

This Green House

Christopher Sedita is the founder of the “Green Buildings” program at the Urban Assembly School for Green Careers, a career and technical education high school. The program prepares students for careers in 21st-century building design, construction and maintenance by emphasizing sustainability, energy efficiency and eco-friendly materials.

Building imagination

The 3-D models that students create in Jawnuta DiSclafani’s architecture class represent more than a class assignment to create a bedroom or design a building. They challenge the students to rethink how they see the world.

April 5, 2018

What a difference the UFT makes

What difference does the UFT make? Members who taught elsewhere share their stories.

Seung Lee, former charter school teacher

I have been a New York City public school teacher for 15 years, but early in my career I taught for two years at a charter school in Manhattan.

Rachel Maller, former charter school teacher

In 2012, when I accepted a position at a charter school, I signed a whole bunch of things, including a piece of paper that said, “In our school, everyone is an administrator and everyone is a custodian.” I thought it was a euphemism for “We all help each other out,” but it turned out that they took it quite literally.

Larissa Clark taught out of state

Growing up in Oklahoma, you tend to only hear about unions in a negative light. So when I made a career change six years ago and became a teacher in New York City, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the UFT.

Danny Campbell, former charter school teacher

We weren’t given the time or support to attend to all the responsibilities of teaching like grading, bulletin boards and reaching out to parents. We had preps, but those were used for data meetings and things like that.

Susan Gunderson, former private school teacher

I worked for eight years as a speech and language pathologist in a private school in Westchester County that made up the rules as it went along.

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