Feature stories

December 1, 2016

Reconnecting through Facebook

Hildy Krull signed onto Facebook in 2009, telling herself it was a convenient way to keep up with family, friends and former students.

Showing children ‘we care for them’

There were turkeys galore at the UFT’s third annual Thanksgiving luncheon for 150 homeless students on Saturday, Nov. 19.

Caring was Cogen winner’s strong suit

Jim Tabert knew Emil Pietromonaco was headed for bigger and better things at the UFT long before he recommended him to become his replacement as the union’s Staten Island borough representative in 2006.

Remembering where we came from

Charles Cogen Award recipient Emil Pietromonaco was discussing his career path at Teacher Union Day on Nov. 6 — about how he went from being a math teacher to becoming his school’s chapter leader, to UFT district and borough representative and finally to secretary of the UFT.

Learning Leaders are helping hands

Learning Leaders, the largest organization in New York City dedicated to supporting student success through parental and community involvement, has made an imprint on PS 20 in Flushing, Queens.

Positive Learning Collaborative working wonders in the Bronx

All the staff at PS 55 in the South Bronx, which is part of the Positive Learning Collaborative, speak common language, which is about listening to the student, validating the student’s emotions and providing tools so the student can better manage his or her feelings.

Day trippers’ paradise

More than 100 participants took a bus trip to the North Fork of Long Island on Saturday, Nov. 12 for the UFT's Just for Fun trip this year. The UFT has been running its popular Just for Fun trips for 28 years with eight excursions a year to different locations for in-service and retired members, family and friends. 

November 3, 2016

Chess rules at this school

For students at chess-loving IS 318 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, nothing tops a visit by World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen.

Two of a kind

The guidance counselor and social worker at PS 203 in Queens believe in the same things, finish each other's sentences and walk the hallways in tandem. The school's successful character education program is a march of of the strength of their collaboration.

What a wonderful ‘world’

Who says there’s no such thing as time travel? Thirty-six students and three teachers from Brooklyn traveled by train for only an hour on Oct. 18, but arrived in Corona, Queens, and found they’d been transported back to the mid-1900s, to the house where legendary trumpeter Louis Armstrong spent his last 28 years.

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