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October 5, 2017

Three educators, one opening day

Meet a school counselor, a community school director and a 2nd-grade special education teacher as they kick off the new school year.

Larissa Loua, 2nd-grade ICT teacher

It was Larissa Loua’s first year in an integrated co-teaching classroom. On opening day, she led a restorative circle to help her students build community and learn how to trust each other — key elements of a Positive Learning Collaborative school.

Allison Brown, community school director

Allison Brown’s job is to help coordinate the school’s access to resources and partnerships that address our students’ needs. She got the ball rolling on opening day.

Steve Burrell, school counselor and chapter leader

For school counselor Steve Burrell, the first day was all about program changes and updating programs. Trying to balance the focus on academics, Bedford Academy HS staff will use the PROSE program to make school more fun by creating clubs and activities.

September 7, 2017

Face to face with history

Brooklyn 8th-graders learn about the civil rights movement through the story of a Bronx woman who left her mark on segregated Alabama when she was about their age.

Gearing up for life

Students at the Brooklyn hub of Pathways to Graduation gear up for job opportunities or to enjoy a hands-on hobby in the Earn-A-Bike bicycle repair program.

The wind at their backs

Big Apple Award-winning math teacher in the Bronx keeps her 6th-graders interested and engaged with lessons that revolve around math/science inquiry-based projects.

Bronx para soars in new position

Melissa Calderon, a paraprofessional and lead teacher assistent at Archer Elementary School in the Bronx, is a shining example of the benefits of the new role for teachers, students and paras.

Shaping a school through a teacher’s voice

When English teacher Leslie Lehrman stepped into the role of master teacher in 2014, she did so out of a desire to take on a more formal leadership role in her school, Lehman HS in the Bronx.

All About Collecting

Retired teacher's mini museum charts the history of New York City public schools through his treasured collection of notebooks, photographs, classroom fixtures, wooden desks and other priceless memorabilia.

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