Feature stories

May 4, 2017

Sharing responsibility

PROSE schools must have a track record of collaboration among administration and faculty. But a number of PROSE schools went a step further by launching a shared-leadership initiative, in which faculty members participate fully in the school’s decision-making processes.

Teachers stand up for science

With an administration in the White House that has shown skepticism and even contempt for scientific research and evidence, science teachers and other UFT members took to the streets on Saturday, April 22, along with thousands of fellow New Yorkers at the March for Science.

Olympic effort

PS 721, a District 75 school in Manhattan, held a rally to salute its very own Olympians — eight students who were part of the unified floor hockey team that beat China to win a bronze medal in the Special Olympics Winter Games in Austria in March.

Transgender policy starts with respect for all

At the Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies, policies designed to foster mutual respect and cultivate empathy among students of different backgrounds paved the way for practices specific to the needs of transgender people.

A role for men in schools

Getting more men involved in their children’s public school education was the impetus for the UFT’s second annual Men in Education Symposium, which drew 100 men to union headquarters on March 25.

How far we've come

Those with disabilities today have “a world of opportunity ahead of them,” said Dr. Mary McInerney, the principal of the Richard H. Hungerford School on Staten Island, speaking of people like Marianna Pastena, a graduate of the District 75 school and now a paraprofessional there.

Good ‘Shepherds’

Single Shepherd program making a big difference for middle-school students at PS/MS 31 in the Bronx.

April 6, 2017

On the waterfront

When students at the District 20 pre-K site at 58th Street in Brooklyn study transportation, they can look out of their classroom windows and watch the ferries, water taxis and barges make their way past the Statue of Liberty in the New York harbor.

Lessons on the run

The members of teacher John Sorocco's after-school running team have found themselves going faster and farther than they ever imagined.

Together, but unequal

The disparity betwee the student population of public schools and the students in charters has propelled the UFT to fight for charter equity legislation in Albany that requires taxpayer-funded charters to accept and keep comparable numbers of high-needs students as district public schools.

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