New teacher articles

March 4, 2010

Educational way to spend a Saturday

There was a fantastic turnout for the UFT Teacher Center’s Especially for New Teachers Midyear Conference on “Differentiated Instruction to Support All Students,” which took place on Saturday, Jan. 30.

November 12, 2009

Learning to avoid the pitfalls

Veteran educators shared their stories at a boroughwide meeting on Oct. 29 at UFT headquarters held, in part, so that rookie educators — whether they work in the classroom or outside of it — need not undergo yesteryear’s sink-or-swim method of learning on the job.

Got the budget cut blues? Go for a grant

If the new round of budget cuts is taking a toll on your classroom resources, you can help the UFT fight the cuts, and also learn how to find outside funding through grants from a host of government, corporate, foundation and private sources.

October 15, 2009

We’ve got you covered

The lesson of the day at the UFT Manhattan borough office’s new teacher reception on Oct. 1 was: “Don’t wait until something negative happens before you reach out to your union.”

Homework for parents

Parent involvement is a sure bet for raising student achievement — and it doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Here are some suggestions to give parents to help them do their part.

August 30, 2009

What the UFT contract means for you

The UFT contract should matter to you because it touches you every day, providing you with rights and protections you could not depend on without it.

August 13, 2009

Union benefits really add up

As a UFT member, you have an outstanding package of health and Welfare Fund benefits that add thousands of dollars to the value of your salary.

Help with meeting state requirements

The UFT offers many programs to help you hone your skills and meet state certification requirements.

Paycheck problems? Tell the UFT
If you begin work on the first day of school and you are on payroll, you should receive your first check on Sept. 15. If you do not receive a paycheck that day, see your payroll secretary about getting an emergency check.
Mentoring: It’s your right

If you are a first-year teacher who has not had prior teaching experience, you are entitled to one-to-one mentoring throughout your first year.

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