New York Teacher Archive: New Teacher

New teacher diaries | December 4, 2014 >>

Every new teacher will go through myriad emotions as they set out on their journeys. But it is joy that new teachers should wait for with bated breath.

New teacher articles | November 6, 2014 >>

Whether you’re a new teacher or just new to your building this year, developing a good working relationship with your colleagues will go a long way toward helping you have a successful year.

New teacher profiles | October 2, 2014 >>

What happens when a baseball coach, a sailor and an electrician walk into a classroom? Just ask Brad Alter, a 6th-grade special education teacher at Spring Creek Community School in East New York.

New teacher articles | September 4, 2014 >>

The first few weeks of the school year offer a valuable opportunity to launch new strategies for classroom management. Here are some tips from veteran educators about how to set the tone for a successful year.

New teacher articles | June 26, 2014 >>

Here are some tips from experienced teachers on how to have a productive summer vacation.

New teacher profiles | June 5, 2014 >>

Karen Lew, a second-year social studies teacher at IS 125 in Woodside, has created a hands-on curriculum that meets the needs of her self-contained classes.

New teacher articles | May 15, 2014 >>

With summer just around the corner, it’s crucial to meet upcoming deadlines for certification if your current teaching certificate is near its expiration date.

New teacher diaries | April 17, 2014 >>

Interesting word definitions, based on the perspective of a teacher in her first year on the job.

New teacher articles | March 27, 2014 >>

As a new teacher, you may find that your supply reserve is running low as you approach the spring vacation. Fortunately, it’s possible to fill in the gaps without emptying your own wallet — as long as you know where to look.

New teacher profiles | March 6, 2014 >>

What’s a new teacher to do when an existing curriculum doesn’t tell the whole story? Fayette Colon, an ambitious social studies teacher at Harvest Collegiate HS in Manhattan, had a solution: She created her own.

New teacher diaries | February 20, 2014 >>

The education reform movement has an obsessive adherence to rigidly structured lesson plans, bewildering algorithms to quantify teacher effectiveness and the relentless collection and analysis of student data. But in my second year of teaching, I’ve come to realize that a true education is messy — gloriously messy, like a Kandinsky painting.

New teacher articles | February 6, 2014 >>

With the school year at its halfway point, now can be a good time to take stock of your classroom and do a little pre-spring cleaning. Here are some of the best tips from seasoned teachers about keeping your classroom organized.

New teacher diaries | January 16, 2014 >>

By the end of September, the students in my all-girls 9th-grade advisory class at my high school in Brooklyn knew many things about me. What they didn’t know was that I am married to a woman.

New teacher articles | December 19, 2013 >>

Being granted tenure is an important milestone for new teachers.

New teacher profiles | November 14, 2013 >>

Michael Cestaro's advocacy as a chapter leader at Rockway Park HS for Environmental Sustainability took on greater meaning after Hurricane Sandy devastated his school building and the homes of his students and colleagues.

New teacher articles | October 17, 2013 >>

Although designating your financial beneficiaries isn’t as exciting as designating your next big unit of study, enrolling in the Teachers’ Retirement System is an important part of launching your teaching career.

New teacher checklist | October 17, 2013 >>
New teacher diaries | September 26, 2013 >>

I had planned every minute of my first day back at school in September, but I hadn't factored in collaboration.

New teacher articles | September 5, 2013 >>

As a new teacher, you know how important it is to develop strong relationships with your students, colleagues and administrators. Here are some tips to help you lay the foundation for good communication with your students’ families.

New teacher diaries | June 27, 2013 >>

Every June — for the fourth year now and counting — I can’t help but feel like I’ve run some sort of marathon.

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