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New teacher articles | June 13, 2013 >>

Are you working toward your professional state certification? Then remember that you’ll have to show three years of teaching experience, including one year of mentoring, to qualify.

New teacher articles | June 13, 2013 >>

UFT members flocked to UFT headquarters on June 6 to register for courses offered in the Summer 2013 catalog. 

New teacher profiles | May 30, 2013 >>

Making up a "noun song" was a highlight for this new special education teacher in Harlem because it opened up the world of creating mnemonic devices. She finds they are boons for children who don’t always respond to the written word.

New teacher articles | May 16, 2013 >>

It’s time for newer teachers to take care of some important state certification business. It’s especially urgent that you meet any upcoming deadlines if you are at risk of termination or if your current certificate is near its expiration date.

New teacher diaries | May 2, 2013 >>

This will be the fourth year that my students and I have suffered through the New York State high-stakes elementary school tests. Although the mayor and the chancellor tell us this year’s tests are all new, my stories from the classroom are similar to years past.

New teacher articles | April 11, 2013 >>

If you’re a probationary teacher who plans to achieve tenure, it’s time to become familiar with the Department of Education’s Tenure Decision-making Framework.

New teacher profiles | March 21, 2013 >>

A big challenge for this English language arts enrichment cluster teacher of grades 6-8 at PS 36 in East New York is “to understand what’s in my control and what’s out of my control,” he said. “You have a rough day and can’t take it personally, but at the same time it’s my nature to reflect on why something didn’t go as anticipated and on how to make it better next time.”

New teacher articles | February 28, 2013 >>

Whether you’re a teaching rookie or have a few years of classroom experience under your belt, now is the time to lay a solid foundation for a secure retirement.

New teacher diaries | February 14, 2013 >>

Everyone’s talking about the breakdown in the teacher evaluation talks between the mayor and the union as if it were the only chance to fix public education in New York City. Do we need an evaluation system? Absolutely. Is it a cure-all for our educational ills? Absolutely not.

New teacher articles | January 31, 2013 >>

The exciting and important 2012 presidential election may be over, but the need to remain engaged in politics continues. After all, it takes ongoing political action to strengthen public schools and respond to the needs of working families.

New teacher profiles | January 17, 2013 >>

His childhood was split between Puerto Rico and Brooklyn. At times he felt lost, hungry, angry. He harbored a wish to be a teacher but felt it wasn’t in the cards. Now, years later, Jeffrey Negron has landed on his feet and found his true home: a bilingual special education classroom in Manhattan.

New teacher articles | December 20, 2012 >>

Our previous article in the Nov. 22 issue explained the requirements and deadlines for the most common types of state certification — the initial and professional certificates. But what if you hold a different certificate?

New teacher diaries | December 6, 2012 >>

After a week without classes, my 5th-graders filed back into school. Fortunately for my class, no one had been directly affected by Hurricane Sandy beyond some minor power outages, though others in our school were not as lucky. But that is not to say we didn’t feel the effects of this tragedy in a very personal way.

New teacher articles | November 22, 2012 >>

Do you know which state certificate you hold? Your requirements under that certificate? Your deadlines for completing those requirements? If you’re like most new teachers you’re confused about these things and more. And these are not just academic questions: You could run into trouble and even lose your job if you don’t understand what to do and when to do it.

New teacher profiles | November 1, 2012 >>

From academia and law to teaching physics to city students Ben Mikesh, a fourth-year teacher is happily firing off cannonballs — as part of a physics demonstration — in his Manhattan classroom at Bard HS Early College and is really, really excited about the Higgs boson fundamental particle.

New teacher articles | October 18, 2012 >>

Teaching can often feel like an isolating experience, especially for newer teachers. But there’s no need to feel alone. In fact, reaching out to others in your school community — parents, paraprofessionals and colleagues — is a good way to create support systems for yourself and enlist allies in the education of your students.

New teacher articles | September 27, 2012 >>

Sept. 12 was the second and final day to register in person for fall courses offered by the union. Teachers from all over the city came to UFT headquarters that afternoon to get guidance on what courses to register for from experts from the Teacher Center and the union’s Department of Licensing and Certification.

New teacher diaries | September 27, 2012 >>

“You don’t understand, Miss. I’m peeeeeiiiing,” Samantha says on the third day of school. Her request reminds me of Nora, a student from last year. Both Samantha and Nora chose to loudly request to go to the bathroom as they entered the classroom just the day after I explained to my high school students the process for silently asking to go only after the first 10 minutes of class had passed.

New teacher diaries | June 28, 2012 >>

Nearly 10 months ago, I embarked on my fourth year of teaching. I found myself working longer, harder and smarter than I have at any point in my career. These are some of my most valuable takeaways heading into the summer.

New teacher articles | June 14, 2012 >>

Suppose you’re ready to apply for your professional or permanent state certificate. Would you be able to put your hands on the documents you will need to prove that you have completed your required courses and credits and fulfilled all state mandates? You would if you’ve developed a system for maintaining professional files at home.

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