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New teacher diaries | May 26, 2011 >>

Top 10 questions/comments made by my 3rd-graders during their first-ever set of English language arts and math state exams (aka “Why teaching in a testing grade may cause premature aging,” or “Why I have Band-Aids on all my fingers from nervously picking off the cuticles while proctoring”).

New teacher articles | May 26, 2011 >>

As busy as you are at this time with grades, report cards and other classroom responsibilities, leave time in June to take care of items that could affect your professional and economic future.

New teacher diaries | May 12, 2011 >>

Test prep in my 3rd-grade class has been extremely stressful. First of all, I’ve never taught “test prep” before, least of all to kids who have never taken “THE TEST” before. I’m convinced my co-teacher and I don’t know what we’re doing and if the children do poorly, it will be our fault for not adequately preparing them.

New teacher q & a | May 12, 2011 >>

All teachers have the right to a duty-free lunch period every day. You should get no assigned work during this time, including meeting with a coach. Such an assignment cannot be mandatory. However, if you wish to meet with your coach during lunch, there is no problem.

New teacher profiles | May 12, 2011 >>

His grandmother used to find him singing in front of the mirror, using a broomstick for a microphone. When he was 3 he started singing at church. Today, tenor opera singer Avid Williams, who has been making his living with his voice for 10 years, is making music at Brooklyn HS of the Arts. As director of the choir and the school’s vocal program, this second-year teacher has found his niche.

New teacher diaries | April 28, 2011 >>

I allow my 1st- and 2nd-grade special education students to bring small toys to school. The toys help keep them out of trouble at lunch with necessary imaginative diversions that they don’t get in school otherwise. They also lend a sense of security to the students, who know they have something genuinely their own in school with them.

New teacher articles | April 28, 2011 >>

Probationary teachers — those who have not yet achieved tenure — flocked to a series of workshops sponsored by the UFT to explain the Department of Education’s new tenure-granting process and what teachers can do to prepare for it.

New teacher diaries | April 14, 2011 >>

A few weeks ago, I was struck with some inspiration before the kids arrived one morning and decided to create a “mystery envelope” to add some intrigue to my elementary special education classroom. After its debut, I hung it near our calendar as a reminder that “you never know what’s inside the mystery envelope!” and as a somewhat passive message that good things come to those who earn them.

New teacher q & a | April 14, 2011 >>

A: It certainly could affect your career. Let’s start with your appointment. While there are no more New York City paper licenses, there are still license/appointment areas, each with a different code. When you began teaching, the DOE notified you by personal email of your license/appointment area and code. At that time, you should have made sure that you were appointed in the right subject area and division level.

New teacher diaries | March 24, 2011 >>

A former student came to visit me one recent Friday morning. I was taken by surprise when he walked in my door. “Carlos” was a student who had a hard time sitting still in the beginning of last year. He often needed help with things that other students could do independently. Yet he was one of the students I’d miss whenever he was absent.

New teacher q & a | March 24, 2011 >>

Yes, you are allowed to see it. You have the right to examine your official file and should do so once a year to learn what’s in it and to have any old or inappropriate materials removed.

New teacher q & a | March 10, 2011 >>

Your concern is understandable since the mayor has repeatedly threatened to lay off nearly 5,000 teachers. In fact, there is no need for layoffs. The city’s economy is rebounding: city tax revenues rose by $2 billion over November projections and the city’s current surplus is $3.1 billion.

New teacher profiles | March 10, 2011 >>

Everyone in the audience at the class play was amazed when a certain little girl said her lines in “Old MacDonald’s Farm.” The child was diagnosed as “selectively mute” on her Individualized Education Program. Indeed, she hardly spoke. So when the 2nd-grader walked to the stage and said, “We are the pigs, we play in the mud and we are very pink,” it was a triumph for the silent, timid child and for her teacher.

New teacher diaries | March 10, 2011 >>

I work in the heart of Flushing, which boasts a large and growing Chinese population. I want my students to feel welcome to share their traditions with the class, and a great way to facilitate this was to plan the biggest Chinese New Year party I could.

New teacher q & a | February 17, 2011 >>

You should be appointed when a New York City school hires you to fill a vacancy. Your appointment should correspond to your state certificate.

New teacher diaries | February 17, 2011 >>
A number of my students, during mini lessons, are deeply engaged. Deeply engaged, that is, with various activities other than paying attention to my mini lesson. They are drawing on their folders. They are playing with their fingers, or with the person’s hair in front of them.
New teacher q & a | February 3, 2011 >>

There are quite a few so this reply can only be an introduction to the subject. Observations and evaluations fall under the general category of performance review, which is cited in Article 8J of the UFT contract.

New teacher profiles | February 3, 2011 >>

“In my first year I was learning all the teacher buzz words like ‘differentiation,’ but ‘excessed’ wasn’t one of them,” said Amy Trojanowski, who was barely learning the ropes when she heard that new verb and discovered it applied to her.

New teacher diaries | February 3, 2011 >>

In my first two years as a teacher, I worked with upper-grade general education classes. This year, I’m in a different world in two ways: I’m teaching primary grades and mine is a special education class.

New teacher q & a | January 20, 2011 >>

About 2,400 city teachers are in the same boat as you — and all of you are running the risk of losing your jobs at the end of June unless you take care of your certification status soon.

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