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New teacher q & a | March 24, 2011 >>

Yes, you are allowed to see it. You have the right to examine your official file and should do so once a year to learn what’s in it and to have any old or inappropriate materials removed.

New teacher q & a | March 10, 2011 >>

Your concern is understandable since the mayor has repeatedly threatened to lay off nearly 5,000 teachers. In fact, there is no need for layoffs. The city’s economy is rebounding: city tax revenues rose by $2 billion over November projections and the city’s current surplus is $3.1 billion.

New teacher profiles | March 10, 2011 >>

Everyone in the audience at the class play was amazed when a certain little girl said her lines in “Old MacDonald’s Farm.” The child was diagnosed as “selectively mute” on her Individualized Education Program. Indeed, she hardly spoke. So when the 2nd-grader walked to the stage and said, “We are the pigs, we play in the mud and we are very pink,” it was a triumph for the silent, timid child and for her teacher.

New teacher diaries | March 10, 2011 >>

I work in the heart of Flushing, which boasts a large and growing Chinese population. I want my students to feel welcome to share their traditions with the class, and a great way to facilitate this was to plan the biggest Chinese New Year party I could.

New teacher q & a | February 17, 2011 >>

You should be appointed when a New York City school hires you to fill a vacancy. Your appointment should correspond to your state certificate.

New teacher diaries | February 17, 2011 >>
A number of my students, during mini lessons, are deeply engaged. Deeply engaged, that is, with various activities other than paying attention to my mini lesson. They are drawing on their folders. They are playing with their fingers, or with the person’s hair in front of them.
New teacher q & a | February 3, 2011 >>

There are quite a few so this reply can only be an introduction to the subject. Observations and evaluations fall under the general category of performance review, which is cited in Article 8J of the UFT contract.

New teacher profiles | February 3, 2011 >>

“In my first year I was learning all the teacher buzz words like ‘differentiation,’ but ‘excessed’ wasn’t one of them,” said Amy Trojanowski, who was barely learning the ropes when she heard that new verb and discovered it applied to her.

New teacher diaries | February 3, 2011 >>

In my first two years as a teacher, I worked with upper-grade general education classes. This year, I’m in a different world in two ways: I’m teaching primary grades and mine is a special education class.

New teacher q & a | January 20, 2011 >>

About 2,400 city teachers are in the same boat as you — and all of you are running the risk of losing your jobs at the end of June unless you take care of your certification status soon.

New teacher diaries | January 20, 2011 >>

So a year has come and gone and I’m now starting to feel like more of a veteran than a newbie. As always, I try to take time to reflect on the past and set goals for the future — what better time than just as a new year is beginning?

New teacher diaries | December 16, 2010 >>

In my first year of teaching a self-contained special education class of 1st- and 2nd-graders, I’ve been facing my share of challenges. Donald, a bespectacled boy of 7, is one of them.

New teacher q & a | December 16, 2010 >>

In addition to enrolling in the Teachers’ Retirement System, you have the opportunity to participate in the Tax-Deferred Annuity, a voluntary program that grows out of Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code.

New teacher profiles | November 25, 2010 >>

In teacher Jessica Remboulis’ classroom, prime factorization rocks. As math teachers know, breaking down a composite number to its prime is best done by creating a diagram of branches splitting off into smaller branches of smaller numbers, a visual tool called a factor tree.

New teacher diaries | November 25, 2010 >>

I spent the last two and a half years teaching a self-contained English-as-a-second-language kindergarten class. During that time, I slowly grew to be a confident, effective teacher.

New teacher q & a | November 11, 2010 >>

The city of New York offers its employees a Flexible Spending Accounts Program, which allows you to deposit a portion of your pretax income through a payroll deduction into accounts maintained for certain health and dependent care expenses.

New teacher articles | November 11, 2010 >>

Whether you are a teaching rookie or already have a few years of classroom experience under your belt, it’s important that you make time for a few simple steps that will help you build a substantial financial future through the benefits you enjoy from membership in the Teachers’ Retirement System.

New teacher diaries | November 11, 2010 >>

One of the greatest things about teaching in a big city like New York is that there are resources everywhere you turn. Some of them are great, some of them are so-so and some turn out to be terrible. But there is no shortage of opportunities for learning outside the classroom.

New teacher diaries | October 28, 2010 >>

A few days ago, I had my first “bad” day of the semester. It wasn’t all bad; in fact, a lot of it was good. I got flowers and two cards from students for my birthday and my last two classes sang to me and were extremely well-behaved. The first two classes of the day, however, did not go as planned.

New teacher q & a | October 28, 2010 >>

Your question comes up for many new and experienced teachers. In fact, a publication of the National Staff Development Council identified this time of year, about six weeks after the start of school, as the “disillusionment phase,” when teachers often feel that the need for classroom management is drawing their attention away from curriculum and instruction.

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