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New teacher articles | September 13, 2010 >>

A new school year is both exciting and daunting — full of the hope and promise of a fresh start and the fear of the unknown — for teachers, students, parents and the whole school community.

New teacher q & a | September 9, 2010 >>

Lesson plans are essential tools for all teachers, no matter how new or experienced. As the educator responsible for providing classroom instruction to your students, you are responsible for developing lesson plans and you can determine their format, organization, notation and content.

New teacher diaries | September 9, 2010 >>

As I have reflected this summer on my first year as a teacher, I feel I have grown a lot as an educator and will certainly start this coming year off very differently from the last. Still, many people have told me that the second year is in some ways harder than the first.

New teacher diaries | June 17, 2010 >>

I had a truly fantastic birthday at school. First and foremost, Julio’s mother gave me the greatest birthday gift of all by not sending Julio — my biggest problem student, a 2nd-grader prone to epic meltdowns and all manner of out-of-control behavior — to school on my birthday. As a result, it was a blessedly relaxing day, and I was genuinely touched by the gifts and the love my students gave me.

New teacher q & a | June 17, 2010 >>

This could be a very serious situation, so much so that you should not sign any notice of extension until you get the union’s legal advice.

New teacher diaries | June 3, 2010 >>

Dear Gladys, Today, when you were supposed to be reading your book, and while I was meeting with another 5th-grade student, I saw you writing something furiously. You are one of the few students in the class who regularly and dutifully records your thoughts on Post-its and, when I excused myself from my conference to come see what you were doing, I expected to see just that.

New teacher profiles | May 20, 2010 >>

They’re at that stage when they’re into writing poems and are dying to stay out all night at a cool downtown poetry cafe, but can’t because they’re only in 9th grade. So Elizabeth Carmichael brings the poetry cafe to them.

New teacher q & a | May 20, 2010 >>

When you complete courses that qualify you for any pay differential, be sure to apply for the extra payment within six months so the salary increase will be retroactive to your date of eligibility.

New teacher diaries | May 20, 2010 >>

As professional educators, most of us can point to that one great teacher who encouraged us to work hard, challenged us with new ideas and ultimately inspired us to follow this career path. But recently I started to think about that teacher’s opposite: the worst teacher I ever had, the one who brought me down and made me feel small.

New teacher diaries | May 6, 2010 >>

The imposing forces known as the ELA and math tests have been moving in since September. If you’ve seen the television show “V,” you are familiar with the image of the alien visitors’ ship hovering above New York City and hanging there as an ominous sign of the new world order. That’s the best way I can describe the tests.

New teacher q & a | May 6, 2010 >>

There are times when a school may need to reduce the size of its staff because it has experienced a drop in student enrollment, it loses funding or it is being phased out. In these situations, some teachers may be “excessed,” starting with the least senior teachers in specific license areas. The contract calls for layoff seniority to be used in excessing situations. This consists of your total systemwide service, not your school seniority.

New teacher diaries | April 15, 2010 >>

I’ve often expressed my wish that there were more effective discipline at my secondary school. But when I read an article a few months ago about how a 12-year-old New York City student was actually arrested and handcuffed for merely writing on a desk, I was almost impressed with how my school deals with certain issues.

New teacher profiles | April 15, 2010 >>

Among the first things Jared Beloff bought with his UFT Teacher Center Mini-Grant were “bottles of blood.” These are important materials for anyone teaching at School of the Dead in Queens, where teenage zombies, entitled to a public school education like all city kids, come to learn their ABCs.

New teacher q & a | April 1, 2010 >>

Appointed teachers are automatically members of the Teachers’ Retirement System of the City of New York or the TRS. Eventually, this TRS pension will pay you a defined benefit, which you can count on throughout your retirement.

New teacher articles | April 1, 2010 >>

The value of the UFT’s 50th anniversary celebration wasn’t lost on some of the newer members who attended the March 25 event at the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan.

New teacher diaries | April 1, 2010 >>

Recently, my class had a very, very difficult afternoon. Julio had not had a good day: yelling, singing, humming, tapping, taking his chair wherever he pleased, pulling his jacket over his head, etc.

New teacher articles | April 1, 2010 >>

Tens of thousands of newer teachers may be missing out on some valuable benefits and important protections because they have not enrolled in the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) or provided the TRS with other vital information.

New teacher diaries | March 18, 2010 >>

It is a frequent occurrence in many classrooms: A lesson is underway when suddenly, from the back of the room, comes the exclamation that no teacher wants to hear: “Miss, your class is so boring!”

New teacher q & a | March 18, 2010 >>

The Teachers of Tomorrow Program offers qualified teachers in eligible schools the opportunity to receive tax-free grants of up to $3,400 annually for up to four consecutive years, for a total of $13,600 subject to statute and funding availability. These grants can reimburse tuition costs or loan expenses you incurred toward achieving a first master’s degree.

New teacher profiles | March 18, 2010 >>

She loves the innocent, inquisitive energy of kindergarteners — and she loves the intense, roiling energy of rallies, political campaigns and election night. She’s proud that she has a positive impact on children’s lives — and is steamed at how negatively the media portrays teachers. Like any new teacher, Ashley Alvarado wishes there were more hours in a day to get everything done — yet she makes the time to serve as a UFT delegate.

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