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New teacher articles | October 15, 2009 >>

Parent involvement is a sure bet for raising student achievement — and it doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Here are some suggestions to give parents to help them do their part.

New teacher diaries | October 15, 2009 >>

Something that got me through the first year was the ability to rely on veteran teachers to advise me on how to fix the problems I was experiencing.

New teacher q & a | October 1, 2009 >>

To get a new contract, the UFT, as the certified bargaining agent representing teachers, paras and other employees in New York City schools, negotiates with the city and the Department of Education.

New teacher diaries | October 1, 2009 >>

Seeing how interested and curious my students became after I shared photos and stories from my trip to Cuba a year ago, I'm really looking forward to sharing my experiences from this summer, which took me from New England to Israel, Egypt and Mexico.

New teacher profiles | October 1, 2009 >>

He traded in his partnership at a Brooklyn garage for teaching automotive shop at Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical HS on Staten Island.

New teacher q & a | September 17, 2009 >>

As the educator responsible for providing classroom instruction to your students, you are responsible for developing lesson plans but you can determine their format, organization, notation and content.

New teacher diaries | September 17, 2009 >>

This year will be a grand new adventure, and there’s even a possibility I might like being a classroom teacher, and this experience will be good for me even if I don’t like it. But right now, I feel like every student in New York: I don’t want to go!

New teacher articles | August 30, 2009 >>

The UFT contract should matter to you because it touches you every day, providing you with rights and protections you could not depend on without it.

New teacher articles | August 13, 2009 >>

As a UFT member, you have an outstanding package of health and Welfare Fund benefits that add thousands of dollars to the value of your salary.

New teacher articles | August 13, 2009 >>

The UFT offers many programs to help you hone your skills and meet state certification requirements.

New teacher articles | August 13, 2009 >>
If you begin work on the first day of school and you are on payroll, you should receive your first check on Sept. 15. If you do not receive a paycheck that day, see your payroll secretary about getting an emergency check.
New teacher articles | August 13, 2009 >>

If you are a first-year teacher who has not had prior teaching experience, you are entitled to one-to-one mentoring throughout your first year.

New teacher articles | August 13, 2009 >>

Where can you go to find news and information that affect you and your teaching career? Two good places to start are the union’s Web site,, and its biweekly newspaper, the New York Teacher.

New teacher articles | August 13, 2009 >>

Scores of new teachers accepted the UFT’s invitation to its 2009 Summer Series, designed to bring teachers in their first three years on the job together and to introduce them to the city’s local treasures, in this case the four borough botanical gardens.

New teacher articles | August 13, 2009 >>

The UFT Teacher Center models the kind of professional development programs that deepen teachers’ content knowledge, enhance their pedagogical skills and enable them to become the best teachers they can be at every stage in their careers.

New teacher diaries | June 29, 2009 >>

At the end of each school year, I take time to reflect on the year and evaluate which components were successful, and which aspects may need to be tweaked.

New teacher profiles | June 29, 2009 >>

While his contemporaries are texting and tweeting, Daniel Stein is waiting for hand-illustrated letters to arrive in Alquizar, a town about 50 miles south of Havana.

New teacher articles | June 29, 2009 >>
From discussing unionism to how many cups of coffee it takes to fill out Individualized Education Programs, there was a lot of information sharing and camaraderie at a lively informal meeting of new teachers at the UFT Brooklyn office.
New teacher diaries | June 4, 2009 >>

I’m pleased to report that I moved my Polish-speaking Lukas from level D to E. He happily rushed off to “move his person” from the D envelope to the E envelope, and then he went to the classroom library to do what we call “shopping for books.”

New teacher articles | June 4, 2009 >>
For most newer teachers, the “Annual Professional Performance Review” — better known as the year-end evaluation — is nothing to worry about.
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