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New teacher profiles | January 11, 2010 >>

He used to be the guy with the clipboard by the velvet ropes deciding whether you were thin enough, gorgeous enough and rich enough to get through the hallowed doors of Manhattan’s hottest clubs. “My job was to do everything to keep people out. Now my job is to get everyone involved and drawn in,” said Phil Grubler.

New teacher diaries | December 17, 2009 >>

This is my third year as a teacher, but in many ways it’s a first. It’s only my second year in the classroom and it’s my first year teaching 5th grade. In my self-contained ESL class, we’ve grown from 20 to 28 students since September — all of my new students are brand new to the country.

New teacher diaries | November 26, 2009 >>

There were a lot of things I was anxious about when I came out of the School of Ed. One was the switch from being the graded to being the grader.

New teacher q & a | November 26, 2009 >>

You should act quickly to get an extension and remedy your specific requirements promptly, otherwise you risk termination from your position.

New teacher profiles | November 26, 2009 >>

Fifth-graders have opinions, Liav Shapiro finds. In fact, they already have lots of them and are eager to debate ideas.

New teacher articles | November 12, 2009 >>

Veteran educators shared their stories at a boroughwide meeting on Oct. 29 at UFT headquarters held, in part, so that rookie educators — whether they work in the classroom or outside of it — need not undergo yesteryear’s sink-or-swim method of learning on the job.

New teacher q & a | November 12, 2009 >>

It’s not so surprising that you are not sure about your membership. Many new teachers think that union membership is automatic. Wrong. To become a member of the United Federation of Teachers, you have to sign on — and you may have done so already.

New teacher diaries | November 12, 2009 >>

After two years as a solo teacher, I was hired to be the general ed teacher in a CTT class. I was nervous about working with a partner. Would we share the same educational philosophy?

New teacher articles | November 12, 2009 >>

If the new round of budget cuts is taking a toll on your classroom resources, you can help the UFT fight the cuts, and also learn how to find outside funding through grants from a host of government, corporate, foundation and private sources.

New teacher diaries | October 29, 2009 >>

It wasn’t until the third week that I finally saw a glimmer of hope through all the frustration.

New teacher q & a | October 15, 2009 >>

The UFT takes an active interest in government policies that affect public education and the economic lives of working families. That’s why the union engages in political action about such things as budget priorities, school safety, pension benefits, tenure laws — and much more.

New teacher articles | October 15, 2009 >>

The lesson of the day at the UFT Manhattan borough office’s new teacher reception on Oct. 1 was: “Don’t wait until something negative happens before you reach out to your union.”

New teacher articles | October 15, 2009 >>

Parent involvement is a sure bet for raising student achievement — and it doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Here are some suggestions to give parents to help them do their part.

New teacher diaries | October 15, 2009 >>

Something that got me through the first year was the ability to rely on veteran teachers to advise me on how to fix the problems I was experiencing.

New teacher q & a | October 1, 2009 >>

To get a new contract, the UFT, as the certified bargaining agent representing teachers, paras and other employees in New York City schools, negotiates with the city and the Department of Education.

New teacher diaries | October 1, 2009 >>

Seeing how interested and curious my students became after I shared photos and stories from my trip to Cuba a year ago, I'm really looking forward to sharing my experiences from this summer, which took me from New England to Israel, Egypt and Mexico.

New teacher profiles | October 1, 2009 >>

He traded in his partnership at a Brooklyn garage for teaching automotive shop at Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical HS on Staten Island.

New teacher q & a | September 17, 2009 >>

As the educator responsible for providing classroom instruction to your students, you are responsible for developing lesson plans but you can determine their format, organization, notation and content.

New teacher diaries | September 17, 2009 >>

This year will be a grand new adventure, and there’s even a possibility I might like being a classroom teacher, and this experience will be good for me even if I don’t like it. But right now, I feel like every student in New York: I don’t want to go!

New teacher articles | August 30, 2009 >>

The UFT contract should matter to you because it touches you every day, providing you with rights and protections you could not depend on without it.

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