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New teacher articles | August 13, 2009 >>

The UFT offers many programs to help you hone your skills and meet state certification requirements.

New teacher articles | August 13, 2009 >>
If you begin work on the first day of school and you are on payroll, you should receive your first check on Sept. 15. If you do not receive a paycheck that day, see your payroll secretary about getting an emergency check.
New teacher articles | August 13, 2009 >>

If you are a first-year teacher who has not had prior teaching experience, you are entitled to one-to-one mentoring throughout your first year.

New teacher articles | August 13, 2009 >>

Where can you go to find news and information that affect you and your teaching career? Two good places to start are the union’s Web site,, and its biweekly newspaper, the New York Teacher.

New teacher articles | August 13, 2009 >>

Scores of new teachers accepted the UFT’s invitation to its 2009 Summer Series, designed to bring teachers in their first three years on the job together and to introduce them to the city’s local treasures, in this case the four borough botanical gardens.

New teacher articles | August 13, 2009 >>

The UFT Teacher Center models the kind of professional development programs that deepen teachers’ content knowledge, enhance their pedagogical skills and enable them to become the best teachers they can be at every stage in their careers.

New teacher diaries | June 29, 2009 >>

At the end of each school year, I take time to reflect on the year and evaluate which components were successful, and which aspects may need to be tweaked.

New teacher profiles | June 29, 2009 >>

While his contemporaries are texting and tweeting, Daniel Stein is waiting for hand-illustrated letters to arrive in Alquizar, a town about 50 miles south of Havana.

New teacher articles | June 29, 2009 >>
From discussing unionism to how many cups of coffee it takes to fill out Individualized Education Programs, there was a lot of information sharing and camaraderie at a lively informal meeting of new teachers at the UFT Brooklyn office.
New teacher diaries | June 4, 2009 >>

I’m pleased to report that I moved my Polish-speaking Lukas from level D to E. He happily rushed off to “move his person” from the D envelope to the E envelope, and then he went to the classroom library to do what we call “shopping for books.”

New teacher articles | June 4, 2009 >>
For most newer teachers, the “Annual Professional Performance Review” — better known as the year-end evaluation — is nothing to worry about.
New teacher articles | June 4, 2009 >>
Taking the steps to set up such files early in your career will save you time and aggravation at those moments, throughout your teaching life, when you need to submit records to qualify for credentials, extra pay and other benefits.
New teacher diaries | May 21, 2009 >>

Recently I started reading Jonathan Kozol’s “Letters to a Young Teacher.” I’d tried to read it last year, but found it hit a little too close to home, especially when he was fawning over the first-year teacher and I was presiding over total chaos.

New teacher profiles | May 21, 2009 >>

In rain or shine, snow or frigid temperatures or bitter wind — and always without tenure — new teachers at JHS 8 in Queens stood outside the school early every morning for 44 weekdays in a row starting in March to protest an abusive principal.

New teacher articles | May 7, 2009 >>

Even if you are facing imminent deadlines, you may be able to fulfill your state certification requirements in the weeks ahead.

New teacher diaries | May 7, 2009 >>

For the first nine years of my teaching career, I taught in the South in an area where there are no teachers’ unions. In fact, I was told upon being hired to not even mention the word.

New teacher diaries | April 23, 2009 >>

Being a part of a 70,000-person-strong rally gave a new teacher a sense of democratic participation that he had really never felt before.

New teacher profiles | April 23, 2009 >>

By becoming a teacher, Laura Breach followed her dream and not her family’s advice. Her students make her glad she did.

New teacher diaries | April 2, 2009 >>

They took the HealthCorps challenge and counted their steps.....until the competition got way out of hand.

New teacher diaries | March 19, 2009 >>

One of those funny little role reversals about becoming a teacher is that you realize that teachers fantasize about snow days as much as students do, and we feel the bitter sting of disappointment when we face the truism that New York City public schools never close because of snow.

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